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GOP in a sentence

1. Roosevelt would later rejoin the GOP.

2. Crawford county is a GOP stronghold.

3. He went on to win the GOP nomination.

4. Wallace crippled the Alabama GOP.

5. The GOP regained Congress in 1918.

6. Gop Temple. Firangi Deval at Kalsar.

7. 2011 State GOP conventions.

8. Wallace crippled the Alabama GOP.

9. In this case, the whole GOP is lost.

10. morality by GOP".

11. the GOP won 63 seats.

12. 2002 State Senate GOP Primary.

13. GOP or Gop may also refer to:

14. She is also head of the Manhattan GOP.

15. Beaufort County GOP;

16. 2008 GOP candidate Todd Long;

17. and Patricia Sullivan, GOP activist.

18. Hayworth is a GOP Young Gun.

19. He was also unopposed in the GOP primary.

20. People of Gop-e-Rah are Muslims.

21. He was part of the GOP Young Gun Program.

22. He came in fourth in the GOP primary.

23. the GOP's 20-point deficit with women.

24. and the 2008 GOP convention in Minnesota.

25. The result was a GOP landslide.

26. He was one of five GOP candidates.

27. H. Healy to win the GOP nomination,

28. He also had a daughter, Gop-dan.

29. But will the GOP take full advantage?

30. you been watching the GOP debates?