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Front legs in a sentence

1. It then straightens its front legs.

2. Its front legs are long and straight.

3. Their short front legs have five separate digits.

4. Freckles on the muzzle and front legs are common.

5. Cats with severe RH have unusually short front legs.

6. Front legs begin to grow and the lungs develop.

7. Their front legs are strong and used to grasp prey.

8. Head and front legs.

9. The back support and the front legs are the same part.

10. The legs are brown, with darker front legs.

11. The front legs have five claws, the back legs four.

12. Arms of front legs are orange.

13. The small front legs are used for manipulating food.

14. The hind legs are visibly longer than the front legs.

15. Simultaneously, he rubs her eyes with his front legs.

16. It then straightens its front legs.

17. steps with front legs.

18. The raptorial front legs serve to capture prey.

19. The front legs are used for digging.

20. It uses its front legs to seize its prey.

21. The front legs are short, straight and thick.

22. Its front legs are green.

23. rarer models have one or two distinct front legs.

24. only the lower jaw and front legs are missing;

25. The front legs are curved like antennae.

26. The front legs are longer than the others.

27. Males' front legs are relatively large.

28. Legs: Front legs modified, similar to praying mantis;

29. In males tarsi of front legs are distinctly elongated.

30. L. storri has no front legs.