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Friedrich Müller in a sentence

1. Thus, Friedrich Müller, in his ambitious classification (1876–88), separated the 'Negro' and Bantu languages.

2. He is not to be confused with Salomon Müller (1804–1864), also an ornithologist, or with Otto Friedrich Müller.

3. there are also editions by Karl Friedrich Müller (18 vols, 1905), and Wilhelm Seelmann (7 vols, 1905-1906).

4. The species was first described by Otto Friedrich Müller in 1764.

5. Otto Friedrich Müller, also Mueller (2 November 1730 – 26 December 1784) was a Danish naturalist.

6. Gedichte von Maler Friedrich Müller;

7. The species was first described by Otto Friedrich Müller in 1764.

8. Friedrich Müller (born 6 March 1834, Jemnik, Austrian Empire (now Jemnice, Czech Republic);

9. Otto Friedrich Müller referred to it as Proteus diffluens in 1786.

10. Friedrich Müller may refer to:

11. Georg Elias Müller was born in Grimma, Saxony on 20 July 1850 to August Friedrich Müller and Rosalie Zehme Müller.

12. The building is first used for a cotton printing factory by the merchant Johann Friedrich Müller.

13. Friedrich Möller was the last disciple of Nyanatiloka.

14. The species was described by Otto Friedrich Müller in 1764.

15. Friedrich Möller, a teacher from Hamburg and the first German recruit of the Society, arrived in Sri Lanka in 1953.

16. Early collectors of Sakha culture included Gerhard Friedrich Müller and Yakov Ivanovich Lindenau in the 18th century.

17. The species was first described under the name Phallus conicus by Otto Friedrich Müller in 1775.

18. The first valid description (as Monas lens) was published by Otto Friedrich Müller in 1773.

19. Tachypleus gigas was first described by Otto Friedrich Müller in 1785.

20. It was first described by Danish naturalist, Otto Friedrich Müller in 1764.

21. Karl (Carl) Friedrich Müller (1797–1873) was first violin in the quartet and was also concertmaster to the Duke.

22. The so-called younger Müller quartet was formed in 1855 by four sons of Karl Friedrich Müller.

23. It was written for the name day of August Friedrich Müller, and was first performed on 3 August 1725.

24. August Friedrich Müller (15 December 1684 –

25. Friedrich Müller (7 February 1907 – 15 May 1978) was a German international footballer.

26. Monas is a genus of Chrysophyceae, described by Otto Friedrich Müller in 1773 as a group of Infusoria.

27. They are named after the Danish zoologist Otto Friedrich Müller.

28. Gustav Carl Friedrich Müller (born 1865 in Germany - date of death unknown;

29. Construction under architect Friedrich Müller (de) totalled at 25,000 mark and was completed on 14 January 1893.

30. Johann Heinrich Friedrich Müller (20 February 1738 – 8 August 1815) was a German actor, writer and Lustspiel poet.