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No. sentence
1 He has registered for French course for next year.
2 She took a French course in a correspondence school.
3 No man could occupy his place in French literature.
4 MAY last year, when the Americans first offered to join direct talks with Iran over the future of its nuclear programme, French diplomats were jubilant.
5 French seem oddly ambivalent about trying an ageing ex-president (he is 78) in uncertain health.
6 Acknowledging that they will not be able to stop the Roma from coming straight back, French officials have taken fingerprints in order to make sure such returnees do not receive any more handouts.
7 At the height of his fame, a French journalist filmed him nibbling on a piece of fruit while supposedly midway through his mammoth fast.
8 Ouattara still needs to rein in many of the warlords and rebel fighters who, helped by French forces operating under the aegis of the UN, hunted down and arrested Mr Gbagbo in April.
9 The others barely glanced at it and went back to their shovels, almost enthusiastically, searching for the French Woman, but I went up to the body and forced myself to look at it closely.
10 The word was borrowed from French into English.
11 The English murderer was caught by the French police and extradited to Britain.
12 The French jewel thief was caught by the English police and extradited to France.
13 Paris in spring is like an outdoor exhibition of French cuisine.
14 The teacher drilled the class in pronunciation of French words.
15 For hundreds of years the French have ridiculed our food, scoffed at our culture and mocked our stiff upper lip.
16 A speaker has just begun talking in French, and only about half of the journalists sitting around me have put on their headphones for interpretation. I doubt I am in a room full of francophones.
17 He is engaged in doing his French exercises.
18 Some people were decapitated during the French Revolution.
19 PARIS (Reuters) - A lavish wedding where newly-weds were sprinkled with shredded euro-note confetti has provoked outrage in a French town, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.
20 The word derives from French.
21 She was extremely dehydrated and had a broken leg, but the 17-year-old survivor was otherwise healthy as French rescue workers pulled her out of a house's rubble near St. Gerard University.
22 He allowed the French to take his oil and wood; they subsidised and protected him.
23 It was 1962 and employees still peeled, blanched, and sliced potatoes for French fries.
24 Lulu was about 7, still playing two instruments, and working on a piano piece called "The Little White Donkey" by the French composer Jacques Ibert.
25 A French gentleman in top hat and cane sang something which ended the picture.
26 It took awhile for this to develop, but in 2010, for the first time ever, we Americans drank more wine than the French.
27 seemed to make sense to the Italians and French who discussed it since the shell of this little ocean dweller was also smooth and white.
28 Jacquard came from a family of silk weavers and went through a bankruptcy and the French Revolution before starting work on an automated, mechanical loom.
29 Can you turn it into French?
30 When he is served a plate of Mediterranean vegetable pasta by the charming French chef, he thanks her profusely and leaning towards the Polish man opposite him asks if he would kindly pass the salt?