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Free France in a sentence

1. French Cameroon joined the Free France in August 1940.

2. The system established by Free France was similar to a military dictatorship.

3. That deeply offended Charles de Gaulle, the head of Free France.

4. General de Gaulle and his Free France organization were outraged;

5. United States Free France.

6. Pleven helped rally support for Free France in French Equatorial Africa.

7. The first such agreement, however, was with Free France in 1943.

8. The islands, along with French Guiana, switched to Free France in 1943.

9. Following the recapture of Tunis, Free France took control of the country.

10. United Kingdom, Free France and Brazil.

11. The Fusiliers Marins participated in the campaigns of Free France.

12. During that war, the cross of Lorraine was a symbol of Free France.

13. He joined the Resistance in Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne in Corrèze in Free France.

14. Free France United Kingdom.

15. Unofficial relations with Free France were established in August 1941.

16. After the armistice, he failed in his attempt to join Free France in London.

17. He desired to free France from the power of the pope.

18. Guiana officially rallied to Free France in 1943.

19. Finland(1918–1945) Free France.

20. one of Vichy France's submarines mistook Refah for a vessel of Free France.

21. Delegation of Free France from 1941 to 1946.

22. The American position towards Vichy France and Free France was inconsistent.

23. He joined the Free France in June 1940.

24. The American position towards Vichy France and Free France was inconsistent.

25. Tissier played a significant role in the Free France government in exile.

26. The ceremony was attended by many alumni from Free France.

27. He then joined the soldiers of Free France.

28. He then went to Marseille, where he tried and failed to join Free France.

29. He was the first director of the Caisse centrale of Free France.

30. Its capital (Algiers) was home of the Free France during WWII.