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Francoist troops in a sentence

1. Francoist troops reached the Andorran border in the later stages of the war.

2. Loyalist General of the Guardia Civil José Aranguren, commander of the 4th Organic Division and Military Governor of Valencia, was arrested by the victorious Francoist troops when they entered the city of Valencia at the end of March 1939.

3. The autonomous government, which was loyal to the Republic during the 1936–1939 war period, was abolished in 1939, after the victory of the Francoist troops.

4. In general, during these years, cultural activity in Basque was limited to folkloric issues and the Roman Catholic Church, while a higher, yet still limited degree of tolerance was granted to Basque culture and language in Álava and Navarre, since both areas mostly supported Francoist troops during the war.

5. When the Francoist troops took the town, the Tercio of Begoña, formed by Carlist volunteers from Biscay, put an armed guard around the tree to protect it against the Falangists, who had wanted to fell this symbol of Basque nationalism.

6. His father, a Republican Colonel, was executed by Francoist troops during the Spanish Civil War.

7. On 6 August 1936, during the early days of the Spanish Civil War, Sunyol was arrested by Francoist troops in the Sierra de Guadarrama and was then murdered by one of Franco's soldiers.

8. In January 1939 he, Manuel Aznar and other journalists entered Barcelona along with the victorious Francoist troops.

9. During the Battle of Santander, the Francoist troops pierced through the Republican defense lines.

10. After the Francoist conquest of Catalonia and while the majority of the Republican leaders decided to remain in France, he returned to the Republican zone and led the last attacks against the Francoist troops.

11. Its slopes were heavily entrenched by Republicans, so it took three days of fighting to Francoist troops to take over the summit.

12. In October, the Francoist troops launched a major offensive toward Madrid, reaching it in early November and launching a major assault on the city on 8 November.

13. Francoist troops advanced from Galicia with the intention of reaching Oviedo.

14. It also held the Madrid height record by surpassing the Palacio de la Prensa, which it maintained until it was overtaken in 1953 by the Edificio España. During the Spanish Civil War it was used as an observatory by the Republican forces to watch the whereabouts of Francoist troops.

15. This battle signalled the beginning of a new phase in the Spanish Civil war, for until then the Francoist troops had been advancing relatively unopposed across Spain, conquering large swathes of territory in a few months.

16. The battle was caused by the decision of the XV International Brigade to dig in and hold to the town of Gandesa in an effort to slow down the offensive of the Francoist troops who had been advancing in a steady manner since the beginning of the offensive.

17. The attack against the Francoist troops entrenched in the town of Gandesa was mainly led by the 35th Division of the 15th Army Corps (XV Cuerpo del Ejército), led by Manuel Tagüeña Other divisions involved as the siege progressed were the 3d, 11th, 43d, 45th and 46th.

18. Soon after the entry of the Francoist troops in Madrid signalling the end of the war, the new Mayor exhorted to the Madrilenians not to rest until Madrid became the "capital worthy of the New Spain, One, Great and Free, of the Imperial Spain forged by the Generalísimo, by the Armed Forces, by the militias, and by the rearguard, through the means of steel, through the means of blood, and through sacrifices.

19. However, after numerous waves of continuous attacks the Francoist troops succeeded in wrestling the hills from the Republican division on 15 August —including the highly disputed Hill 705, which changed hands no less than eight times on 14 August.

20. The 49 m high arch was constructed at the behest of Francisco Franco to commemorate the victory of Francoist troops in the 1936 Battle of Ciudad Universitaria, part of the Spanish Civil War.

21. From 8 May to 22 June 2013, he worked again with Emma Vilarasau, Míriam Iscla, Anna Moliner, Jordi Banacolocha, Pep Planas, Pepa López, and Joan Carreras, performing in the play Barcelona, directed by Pere Riera, which deals with the Spanish Civil War, centering on the day that Barcelona was bombed by Francoist troops.

22. Until then the Francoist troops had been advancing relatively unopposed across Spain, conquering large swathes of territory in a few months.

23. She won the Prudenci Bertrana Prize for an autobiographical work, Girasol, a testimonial of the first days of the occupation of Barcelona by Francoist troops.

24. In contrast, Josep Sunyol, also president of FC Barcelona and a prominent militant of the Republican Left of Catalonia, was shot on August 6, 1936, in the Sierra de Guadarrama without trial by Francoist troops.

25. He was denounced and then captured by the Francoist troops as he crossed the Guadalaviar (Turia) in the Sierra de Albarracín on a mission at the beginning of the Catalonia Offensive on 18 December 1938.

26. Between 1937 and 1938, thousands of children living in Republican held areas during the Spanish Civil War were evacuated abroad to save them from the dangers and deprivations of war as the Francoist troops encroached on their home areas.

27. Law, degree in Business Sciences from the University of Deusto , he was a prominent PNV militant, whose leadership presided over much of the Second Republic period . He was a councilor in his hometown, elected in 1931 . After the occupation of the Basque Country by Francoist troops , he went into exile in France while his numerous library was looted and burned by the occupying troops.

28. Following the entry of the Francoist troops in Madrid in 1939 towards the end of Spanish Civil War, the monument was toppled from its location.

29. The Francoist troops will be able to conquer large territories and take a significant number of prisoners, in addition to exposing the ineffectiveness of the Extremaduran Army.