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Francoist Spain in a sentence

1. Conscientious objection was not permitted in Francoist Spain.

2. Degrelle took refuge in Francoist Spain.

3. Cela became a censor in Francoist Spain in 1943.

4. Half of them are bitter attacks on Francoist Spain.

5. In Francoist Spain they were appointed rather than elected.

6. In Francoist Spain, this creole dialect was stigmatized.

7. The movie was subsequently outlawed in Francoist Spain.

8. Surcos is a view of the contradictions found in Francoist Spain.

9. Escaping from arrest, Kalonji fled to Francoist Spain.

10. Francoist Spain is a later example of state nationalism.

11. He went into exile, eventually settling in Francoist Spain.

12. She was later handed to Francoist Spain, serving until 1963.

13. Edo spent many years in jail or in exile in Francoist Spain.

14. The aim of DI was to fight against Francoist Spain.

15. An opponent of Francoist Spain, he spent three years in prison.

16. This is a list of notable people executed by Francoist Spain.

17. All surviving ships became part of the Navy of Francoist Spain.

18. These were years of Francoist Spain.

19. Unemployment began rising in Francoist Spain during the 1970s.

20. Sicilia was born in Madrid and grew up in Francoist Spain.

21. In the Francoist Spain many streets have been named after him.

22. In July 1944, Miedl fled to Francoist Spain via Switzerland.

23. His writings were generally supportive of Francoist Spain.

24. Yoyes grew up in Francoist Spain.

25. The album was censored in Francoist Spain.

26. Women did not have rights in Francoist Spain.

27. The role of a woman in Francoist Spain was to be a mother.

28. Basques were also subject to repression in Francoist Spain.

29. Prostitution in Francoist Spain was a problem for the regime.

30. The book was forbidden in Francoist Spain.