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Francoism in a sentence

1. The lost children of Francoism may reach 300,000.

2. The lost children of Francoism may reach 300,000.

3. By this time, Fraga believed Francoism could not be maintained forever.

4. However, he badly underestimated the public's distaste for Francoism.

5. Besides, it needed to please the democratic opposition to Francoism.

6. Many of them were defenders of Carlism and Francoism.

7. "Face" continued the violent opposition against Francoism until his death.

8. She is regarded as an icon by the remaining followers of Francoism.

9. Information regarding Francoism and democracy, however, is preserved.

10. He began his opposition to Francoism in the 1950s.

11. women under Francoism;

12. according to some sources, he resigned due to differences with Francoism.

13. during early Francoism he served as municipal judge in Madrid.

14. Sivatte's stance versus Francoism remained hostile.

15. He is also counted among leaders of the Catalan opposition to Francoism.

16. In terms of political line it collaborated very closely with Francoism.

17. The international context of Francoism changed dramatically in 1942–1944.

18. Nothing is known of Pinillos political activity during early Francoism;

19. Late-Francoism is covered in two recent PhD works.

20. Symbols of Francoism:

21. It seems that soon Larramendi's anti-Francoism exceeded that of Fal;

22. Francoism adopted an organicist principle;

23. it was the case especially during late Francoism.

24. The [Spanish Civil] war was much worse than Francoism.

25. Let's leave the commentaries on Francoism to the historians.

26. Until the end of Francoism it was impossible to verify these claims;

27. 10) glorify the transition, made possible by Francoism.

28. Fulgencio Lozano during early Francoism was a provincial Falange jefe;

29. In the mid-1950s mainstream Carlism changed its stand versus Francoism;

30. The weight of Francoism within Carlism remains unclear.