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Franco's Spain in a sentence

1. We wish peace with Franco's Spain despite her fascism.

2. The film was banned in Hitler's Germany, Mussolini's Italy, Franco's Spain and Stalin's USSR.

3. Franco's Spain.

4. In Franco's Spain, several diplomats contributed very actively to rescue Jews during the Holocaust.

5. The film was banned in Franco's Spain because of its anti-fascist stance.

6. Grandi, however, had made sure to flee to Francisco Franco's Spain in August 1943.

7. in the 1960s, in Brazil and Franco's Spain, in the 1970s, in Northern Ireland, Chile, Israel, and Argentina;

8. Notably, it was not shown in Franco's Spain, in Vietnam, nor in China.

9. However, some of his work was banned in Franco's Spain.

10. He then fled to Paris before settling in Barcelona in Francisco Franco's Spain.

11. The quartet was founded in 1960 by Celedonio Romero, who grew up in Franco's Spain.

12. It was, along with Franco's Spain, the only location in the world unconditionally open to Jews at the time.

13. It was a "symbol of prosperity" during the decades of Francisco Franco's Spain.

14. As a refugee from Franco's Spain he worked in Edinburgh and Manchester.

15. In 1942, after crossing Franco's Spain, he arrived in Lisbon, where for three months he worked for MI6.

16. Another contingent was sent to Gibraltar aboard the SS Aquila to prepare defences against Franco's Spain.

17. It is called Villa Alba, and is a novel based on some time he spent in Franco's Spain in the 1950s.

18. He wrote the first anti-war comic under Franco's Spain.

19. After WWII Franco's Spain lagged behind main European auto manufacturing countries for decades.

20. The film was relocated to Tangiers and the villains were turned into agents from Franco's Spain.

21. The Spanish episcopate overwhelmingly endorsed Franco's Spain.

22. She was more commonly known in Franco's Spain, particularly in her later years, as La Protegida.

23. an attempt by Franco's Spain to buy the right to publish the book was rebuffed by the Swiss military.

24. From here there were maritime contacts with Franco's Spain that allowed contact with the interior.

25. It marked the directoral debut of Mariscal, a leading actress of General Franco's Spain.

26. In any case, he was detained on August 13, 1940 and immediately deported to Franco's Spain.

27. It became a novelty in Franco's Spain, where the class struggle had been abolished by decree.

28. He wrote American Catholics and Franco's Spain, 1935-1975: A Study of Evolving Perceptions.

29. She was also one of the first women in Barcelona to obtain a driving license in Franco's Spain.

30. Women were forbidden to fight on foot in Franco's Spain, in case they were gored in unseemly ways.