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François Hollande in a sentence

1. François Hollande has continued the same policy.

2. Socialist François Hollande won election in 2012 as president.

3. The French president, François Hollande, was present.

4. François Hollande(b. 1954)Served 2012–2017.

5. François Hollande was born on 12 August 1954 in Rouen.

6. He supported François Hollande in the second round.

7. The award was given by the French President François Hollande.

8. François Hollande, President of France.

9. François Hollande was first and Martine Aubry was second.

10. French President François Hollande;

11. The 2016 recipient was French President, François Hollande.

12. Close to François Hollande, she thus obtained her first elective mandate.

13. In July 2014, French President François Hollande paid a visit to Chad.

14. French President François Hollande was the chief guest at the 67th.

15. The Aubryists supported François Hollande's leadership.

16. François Hollande was re-elected as First Secretary.

17. François Hollande was re-elected as First Secretary.

18. He was the author of two books about François Hollande.

19. They were received by the President François Hollande.

20. French president François Hollande was also present at the summit.

21. French President François Hollande described the attack as "barbaric".

22. In 2012, François Hollande chose to honour Jules Ferry and Marie Curie.

23. François Hollande ADM.

24. François Hollande then went on to win the presidential election.

25. President François Hollande also endorsed Macron.

26. François Hollande received the report of the Committee on 9 November 2012.

27. In July 2012, he hosted François Hollande, France's current president.

28. In 2016, French president François Hollande visited Netatmo's offices.

29. Even so, the ex-employee said, one cannot criticize François Hollande.

30. The French president, François Hollande, was present.