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Fort Greely in a sentence

1. these farms mostly lie north and east of Fort Greely.

2. After World War II, a U.S. army base, Fort Greely, was built next to the air field.

3. Fort Greely was included on the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) list in 1995.

4. Delta Junction was known as the "Windy City" and "Little Chicago" by many soldiers on Fort Greely.

5. In 1942, five miles south of Deltana, Fort Greely was constructed.

6. It is home to the Fort Greely military installation.

7. Fort Greely is located at 63°58′2″N 145°42′33″W

8. Fort Greely is located 5 miles (8.0 km) south of Delta Junction on the Richardson Highway.

9. Fort Greely first appeared as an unincorporated military installation on the 1970 U.S. Census.

10. Fort Greely is mostly sunny in the summer and split between clear and overcast days in the winter.

11. Fort Greely, Alaska, had a small military SM-4 reactor until the early 1970s.

12. The first radio station began in Delta Junction, Alaska, on what was then known as Fort Greely.

13. There was an earlier Fort Greely on Kodiak Island.

14. After World War II, Fort Greely was built south of the airfield.

15. The initial operators at Fort Greely were military NCOs, but civilians were later hired.

16. In 1995, operations at Fort Greely were slated for further reductions to save money.

17. Although its command moved, CRTC continued to operate from Fort Greely.

18. In 2005, the CRTC headquarters was moved from Fort Wainwright back to Fort Greely.

19. Fort Greely, Alaska.

20. One of those airfields, Big Delta Army Airfield, southeast of Fairbanks, became Fort Greely.

21. USS General A. W. Greely (AP-141) and Fort Greely were named in his honor.

22. United States Army Arctic Test Center (USAATC), Fort Greely, Alaska;

23. October 1969 at Fort Greely;

24. Major air and ground maneuvers were held at Fort Greely.

25. Palin disagreed: "Fort Greely plays a crucial role in the nation's security."

26. Sub-Zero spent time as an instruction at the Army Northern Warfare Training Center in Fort Greely.

27. conducting a cold-weather and mountain school at Fort Greely;

28. The test was conducted near Fort Greely, Alaska from November 1963 to January 1964.

29. The course is taught at Fort Greely in Alaska.

30. these farms mostly lie north and east of Fort Greely.