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No. sentence
1 I lived for a while in Florence.
2 The Mayors of Reims and Florence, the presidents of Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico and Comite Champagne held a meeting together to sign a Partnership Agreement between Chianti Classico and Champagne.
3 When little Florence timidly presented herself, Mr Dombey stopped in his pacing up and down and looked towards her.
4 discerning traveller, Florence begs a question: is this a living city or a glorified museum?
5 Chinese paintings, sculptures and works of art-among them pieces never before seen in the west-are on display at the magnificent arcaded Palazzo Strozzi in the centre of Florence.
6 The rubble was then dumped in a municipal landfill site on the outskirts of Florence.
7 So the scope of this project was more than the previous research in cities such as Florence and Rome, where only the presence and movements of tourists was mapped.
8 The tomb of Dante, exiled from his native Florence.
9 Cosimo's death in 1464, the Medici bank went downhill, though his descendants became ever more entrenched in power in Florence.
10 For example, he has a revisionist view of the Medici, stubbornly refusing to eulogise Cosimo or Lorenzo de’ Medici, the conventional heroes of popular histories of Renaissance Florence.
11 Medici family had his power in Florence off and on for about 300 years.
12 Following the principle of the Medici palace in Florence, there is a direct correlation between the rank of the premises and their physical parameters, such as area and height.
13 In a plaza north of the river, not far from the Ponte Vecchio, sit the Florence Cathedral (Santa Maria del Fiore) and the Baptistery.
14 Perhaps the most bizarre example of inheritable employment surfaced in Florence, where the legal entitlement to sketch tourists outside the Uffizi gallery was also hereditary.
15 collaboration with the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, which loaned many works including the strong but sombre "Study for a Portrait of a Seated man" (see slideshow below).
16 The first publicly owned museum in Europe was The Uffizi Gallery in Florence.
17 Florence is visited each year by about a million tourists who come to see the art galleries, churches and museums. The Uffizi Palace is the most famous art gallery in the city.
18 theft remained a mystery for four years until the thief contacted the Director of the famous Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy, and tried to get a ransom for the painting.
19 Renaissance Club, for example, welcomes students to Florence, where they work as guild artists for a patron—their teacher—and learn about history, geography, and civics.
20 In a fantastic hilltop location overlooking Florence, Villa San Michele is a 15th-century monastery with a facade by Michelangelo, set within beautiful landscaped gardens.
21 Because I was arrested at Piombino, and I presume that, like Milan and Florence, Piombino has become the capital of some French department.
22 Milan at the time was as big as Florence.
23 He didn't want to fly to Florence, which would have required connecting from Milan and, in his opinion, increased the odds of his luggage getting lost.
24 It was the first trip to Italy for Hillary and me, and we fell in love with Florence, Siena, Pisa, San Gimignano, and Venice.
25 Buenos Aires, Madrid, Rome, Florence, Paris, London, Moscow and Warsaw provided the duo with the inspiration they needed to design what many consider to be a faultless football stadium.
26 Ponte Vecchio in Florence is one of the famous tourist attractions in Italy, and considered as the oldest stone arch bridge in Europe.
27 Both Cavell's sisters took up nursing, work which Florence Nightingale, in the previous generation, had transformed into a respectable calling.
28 Like Darwin, Florence Nightingale could focus ruthlessly on her work because of the invalidism which allowed her to retreat from social life.
29 Florence Nightingale is known as a nurse, but she also made a new kind of pie chart showing how many soldiers in the Crimean war died from military action and how many from disease.
30 Winter on the Nile: Florence Nightingale, Gustave Flaubert and the Temptations of Egypt. By Anthony Sattin.