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1 Finnish youth, like their U.S. counterparts, also waste hours online. They dye their hair, love sarcasm and listen to rap and heavy metal.
2 Nokia recently dumped its Finnish boss and replaced him with a dynamic outsider, Stephen Elop, formerly a high-flier at Microsoft.
3 A UK and Finnish team found those with more education were as likely to show the signs of dementia in their brains at death as those with less.
4 A Finnish fisher named fisher failed to fish any fish one Friday afternoon and finally he found out a big fissure in his fishing net.
5 A Finnish fisher named fisher failed to fish any fish and finally he found out a big fissure in his fishing-net.
6 He plans to play with a Finnish team, the Loimaa Bisons, for a week in September.
7 But in fact, there's only been one other study on coffee and depression, which was done in Finnish men, and found a J shaped relationship between coffee and suicide risk.
8 a large Finnish study found that sons of women who were depressed during pregnancy had an increased likelihood of being arrested for criminal ACTS before they turned 30.
9 Just because the mobile powerhouse isn't raking in profits at the moment, doesn't mean the Finnish giant has stopped working on future devices... at least according to Pocketables.
10 He served as a United Nations undersecretary and secretary of state for the Finnish foreign ministry before being elected President of Finland in 1994.
11 A group of Finnish researchers have found that dietary Xylitol prevents weakening of bones in laboratory rats, and actually improves bone density.
12 Lin said South Africa could learn from the Finnish cellphone company, Nokia, which started out as a labour intensive logging company.
13 The Finnish telecommunications group is a case study in how to miss the boat by not listening to the right internal voices.
14 accepting that its iPhone owes some of its success to Finnish knowhow, Apple has proved that Nokia's failures in the smartphone market cannot be blamed solely on technological inadequacies.
15 Whether Anna's inspiration is Victorian cowboys, Warhol superstars or Finnish textile prints, her depth of cultural knowledge is always apparent.
16 These minimalist structures offer everything one might expect from a Finnish cabin: peaceful lakeside setting, open fire, terrace, personal sauna and the chance to jump naked into a lake.
17 for example, long raised only by a small group of Finnish peasants, have become vital to the sheep industry because of their ability to produce large litters.
18 His messages, and the replies - roughly 1,000 altogether - are listed in chronological order in the 332-page novel written by Finnish author Hannu Luntiala.
19 While many other areas in the world are affected by the climate change and lack of snow, Finnish XXX is sure to have snow in the wintertime.
20 In short, brewmasters carmelize wort on white hot river rocks, ferment it with German Weizen yeast, then toss on Finnish berries and a blend of spices to jazz up this rye-based beverage.
21 That does not mean that Finnish is not important to the Finns, and Maori is not important to the Maoris. It is just that these languages are not so important to the rest of us.
22 this will be easy to sell to voters (Finnish ones vented their anger this week-see article).
23 Nokia's woes lurks a dismal reversal of fortunes, not just for the Finnish company but also for much of Europe's mobile-phone industry.
24 However, the Finnish language bears some similarities to the Sami language.
25 To find out, Bowling and his colleagues first measured the distribution of tones in around 7500 western classical melodies and Finnish folk tunes in both major and minor keys.
26 The authors provided no explanation for the observation that older Finnish drinkers appeared to have a higher sensitivity to alcohol price and did not respond to inquiries.
27 Rheumatoid Arthritis : A Finnish study of 19, 000 people revealed those who drank four or more cups of coffee a day were twice as likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis.
28 You know, a former head coach of the Chicago Blackhawks was Finnish, and when he returned to Finland, he was appointed director of one of the largest theaters — a completely different field.
29 Stark of the Finnish Forest Research Institute proves Wells' contention, right down to the soil level.
30 Finnish, exceptionally, each letter makes a single logical sound and there are no irregular words.