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1 Philosophy lecturer Andrew G. Fiala also believed that humans could not self govern and included it in his list of arguments against anarchism.
2 Fiala's other critiques were that anarchism is innately related to violence and destruction, not only in the pragmatic world, i.e. at protests, but in the world of ethics as well.
3 Lastly, Fiala mentions a critique towards philosophical anarchism of being ineffective (all talk and thoughts) and in the meantime capitalism and bourgeois class remains strong.
4 He was replaced by Neil Fiala, who led the team to a West Division title in 2000 before losing in the first round of the playoffs to the Evansville Otters.
5 Fiala resigned after the 2002 season and was replaced by former major-league catcher Marc Hill.
6 In 1982, Frank Fiala, a wealthy businessman and drug trafficker, paid Gravano $40,000 to rent the Plaza Suite for a birthday party he was throwing himself.
7 Two days after the party, Gravano accepted a $1,000,000 offer from Fiala to buy the establishment, which Gravano had only valued at $200,000.
8 Before the transaction was completed, Fiala began acting like he already owned the club.
9 Later that night, Gravano confronted Fiala on the street as he exited the Plaza Suite among a group of people, asking, "Hey, Frank, how you doing?" As Fiala turned around, surprised to see Gravano, Milito came up behind him and shot him in the head.
10 Milito stood over the body and fired a shot into each of Fiala's eyes as Fiala's entourage and the crowd of people on the street dispersed, screaming.
11 Gravano then walked up to Fiala's corpse and urinated on his mouth.
12 Castellano had been given the details of what Fiala had done, but he was still livid that Gravano had not come to him for permission to kill Fiala first.
13 Fiala's murder posed one final problem for Gravano in the form of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
14 The high publicity generated by the incident triggered an IRS investigation into Gravano and Fiala's deal for the sale of the Plaza Suite and Gravano was subsequently charged with tax evasion.
15 In the aftermath of the Fiala murder, Gravano continued to focus on his construction business, branching out into the lucrative concrete paving industry.
16 The party is currently being led by Petr Fiala, who has been leader since the 2014 party convention.
17 The former rector of Masaryk University and minister Petr Fiala was elected as chairman and Member of the European Parliament.
18 In his book Citizens, Democrats and Party Members (Czech: Občané, demokraté a straníci), Fiala says the party needs to be attractive to new, young people and ODS shall have experts on economics, health care, education, etc.
19 On 16 January 2016, Fiala was re-elected as Leader of the ODS.
20 4 of them were eventually elected Fiala then said that ODS returned to the position of the major right wing party.
21 Following the EU referendum in Britain which resulted in the United Kingdom voting to leave, ODS leader Petr Fiala said the Czech Republic "should reconsider its existence in European Union" and negotiate new conditions for the country.
22 She was joint managing partner of Buscombe and Fiala, an international art business, from 1991 to 1995.