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Federation in a sentence

121. the York Federation of Students;

122. United States Soccer Federation.

123. Federation house, Nelson Street.

124. the Serbian-American Federation;

125. Federation house, Arnold Street.

126. Federation Council may refer to:

127. Police Federation may refer to:

128. Ki Federation of Great Britain.

129. Federation-style Queenslander.

130. Members of the federation are:

131. Members of the federation are.

132. Federation House, Point Piper.

133. the Czech National Federation;

134. Coin of the Russian Federation.

135. Terran Federation may refer to:

136. It is funded by the Federation.

137. Lincoln Advertising Federation;

138. Luxembourg Football Federation.

139. Women's Federation of Québec).

140. Labour Federation may refer to:

141. Swimming Federation of Armenia.

142. It is a federation of churches.

143. Federation Francaise de Tennis.

144. Federation de Padel de Monaco.

145. United Federation may refer to:

146. and World Fighting Federation.

147. the Florida Federation of Art;

148. and the GP Federation FedBucks.

149. He left the federation in 1998.

150. Data federation is one of them.