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1 This compared to a nationwide seasonally adjusted rate of 5.4%. Alabama has no minimum wage and in February 2016 passed legislation preventing municipalities from setting one.
2 In February 2016, the Algerian constitution passed a resolution that would make Berber an official language alongside Arabic.
3 In February 2016, Apple issued a US$1.5 billion green bond (climate bond), the first ever of its kind by a U.S. tech company.
4 By February 2016 the price of Western Canadian Select WCS—the Alberta benchmark heavy crude oil—was US$14.10—the cheapest oil in the world.
5 Full-time employment increased by 10,000 in February 2016 after falling 20,000 in both December 2015 and January 2016.
6 While Alberta had a reprieve in job loss in February 2016—up 1,400 jobs after losing jobs in October, November, December 2015 and January 2016—Ontario lost 11,200 jobs, Saskatchewan lost 7,800 jobs and New Brunswick lost 5,700 jobs.
7 In February 2016, al-Qaeda forces and Saudi Arabian-led coalition forces were both seen fighting Houthi rebels in the same battle.
8 In February 2016 Discovery Channel broadcast a TV show suggesting that the mission witnessed mysterious or alien signals while on the far side of the Moon.
9 The closest recent approach was in February 2016, at 4.0 arcsec through the PA of 300°. The observed maximum separation of these stars is about 22 arcsec, while the minimum distance is 1.7 arcsec.
10 however, as of February 2016, the only compounds which are known to function as TAAR1-selective agonists are experimental drugs.
11 In February 2016 a terrorist attack occurred at the Splendid Hotel and Capuccino café-bar in the centre of Ouagadougou: 30 people died.
12 In February 2016, the University of New Mexico at Gallup held a two-day Bigfoot conference, at a cost of $7,000 in university funds.
13 In February 2016, Selig joined the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.
14 It received the go-ahead in February 2016, funded as a Free School.
15 In February 2016, the B-1s were sent back to the U.S. for cockpit upgrades.
16 As of February 2016, Bova has written over 124 books, non-fiction as well as science fiction, drawing on his experiences to create fact and fiction writings rich with references to artificial hearts, artists, environmentalism, fencing and martial arts, lasers, nanotechnology, photography, and spaceflight.
17 A statement released by Film4 in February 2016 made reference to funding what would be Morris's second feature film.
18 In February 2016, after a peaceful election, the former Prime Minister Faustin-Archange Touadéra was elected president.
19 Territory government legislation passed in February 2016 changed the voting method of single-member electorates from full-preferential voting to optional preferential voting ahead of the 2016 territory election held on 27 August.
20 Actually, the core rulebook was not launched (via Kickstarter) until a whole year later, in February 2016, reaching by far all funds needed for publication.
21 Major international music labels had shown very little interest in the drum and bass scene until BMG Rights Management acquired RAM in February 2016.
22 BMG Rights Management acquired Ram Records in February 2016, making a strategic investment to help RAM Records (a London-based drum and bass record company co-owned by Andy C and his business partner Scott Bourne).
23 In February 2016, it was announced that Mozilla and Debian had reached an agreement and Iceweasel would revert to the name Firefox;
24 Although Squeeze is not officially supported, Debian is coordinating an effort to provide long-term support (LTS) until February 2016, five years after the initial release, but only for the IA-32 and x86-64 platforms.
25 As a part of St Lucia's Independence Day celebrations, in February 2016, he became one of the first knights of the Order of Saint Lucia.
26 As of February 2016, Obiang is Africa's second-longest serving dictator after Cameroon's Paul Biya.
27 While W was showing same-day repeats of EastEnders, they also returned the weekend omnibus, starting on 20 February 2016.
28 In 2015, the BBC Three repeat moved back to 10 pm. In February 2016, the repeat moved to W, the rebranded Watch, after BBC Three became an online-only channel.
29 In February 2016, Morricone won his first competitive Academy Award for his score to The Hateful Eight.
30 Also on February 2016, The Mermaid, directed by Stephen Chow, became the highest-grossing film in China, overtaking Monster Hunt.