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No. sentence
1 His purpose is to lull us into a false sense of security.
2 years I played with Ouija boards, contacted 'spirit guides' (not realising they were demons), read tarot cards and participated in pagan rituals in devotion to a false deity (the goddess).
3 To avoid false readings you want to place it out of direct sunlight and in a weatherproof location that provides enough ventilation.
4 After USENET got going the term stuck meaning something false - do not download (or believe) this.
5 The shopping centre agreed to desist from false advertising.
6 Knowing that false positives are inevitable gives a statistical perspective to that wisdom - and frees the doctor from having to interrogate the patient like a criminal suspect.
7 That is why the charge of currency manipulation is false.
8 If that premise is true then that conclusion is false.
9 And you might ask yourself, why should an argument that has a false conclusion be an useful argument. Mind at good argument.
10 These relationships are false and imagined and always created with the rich and powerful, which makes me wonder if it is the lifestyle, not the life, we praise when we turn to Jobs.
11 Another friend of the couple says the rumours, first published by British newspaper news of the World, are "totally false".
12 English libel law goes easy on the claimant, assuming that material written about him is false unless the defendant can prove otherwise, the reverse of the position in America.
13 If the condition evaluates to FALSE or NULL, the loop is bypassed, and control passes to the next statement.
14 Mean impression that his wife only because the necklace was found to be false and made a temper, not necessarily because she angry again lost to him, but because she thought he had cheated her.
15 Some self sealing argument move back and forth from interesting to false claims.
16 By having become able to distinguish between true and false notions they have reached the first stage of their intellectual emancipation.
17 What were his plays if not a mix of false bravado, mortal dread and the struggle for human connection?
18 The idea of “waiting” can give you the false impression that something is missing.
19 Credulous people are easily misled by false advertisements.
20 Such optimizations can be "undone" if the assumption about this characteristic later becomes false.
21 It's an innate characteristic of human psychology to desire certainty, but it's the creative thinker who rejects the false comfort of clarity when it's not really appropriate.
22 The appraisal is a contract between two people usually entered into in a spirit of embarrassment, false optimism and weary duty.
23 furry and hairy, from the models’ matted hair through tufts creating false eyebrows and pom-poms of fur dangling at the ankles.
24 Yet whatever they are, there is one comforting thing about them. If a nanny spreads false terribles you can Sue and, with any luck, win.
25 The clockmaker tucked the false child under his long coat to warm himself.
26 It was confirmed as false when tombs containing the remains of the pyramid builders were found next to the pyramids at Giza.
27 Taylor Fain, a foreign-policy historian, Rusk raged that he could not believe that “free aspirins and false teeth were more important than Britain's role in the world”.
28 England's senior libel judge, Mr Justice Eady, ruled that to defend this description, Mr Singh must prove that the chiropractors were not just deluded, but knowingly peddling false remedies.
29 But, as at other times in GM's recent troubled history, the promise of that autumn turned out to be false.
30 We issued strong warnings of cholera, malnutrition and epidemics potentially due to poor sanitary conditions, and the question now was whether those had been false alarms.