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FHASA in a sentence

1. In 1933, France occupied Andorra following social unrest which occurred before elections due to the Revolution of 1933 and the FHASA strikes (Vagues de FHASA);

2. the revolt led by Joves Andorrans (a labour union group related to the Spanish CNT and FAI) called for political reforms, the universal suffrage vote of all Andorrans and acted in defense of the rights of local and foreign workers during the construction of FHASA's hydroelectric power station in Encamp.

3. The first steps toward the capitalist boom date from the 1930s, with the construction of FHASA and the creation of professional banking with Banc Agrícol (1930) and Crèdit Andorrà (1949), later with Banca Mora (1952), Banca Cassany (1958) and SOBANCA (1960).

4. The Revolution of 1933 is otherwise referred to and known as the "huelgas de FHASA" or the "FHASA strikes".

5. The FHASA is a company that was created with the intention of building a hydroelectric plant in Andorra and help Andorran employment.

6. These particular members of the General Council turned to the creation of an electric company known as FHASA in order to take steps towards the industrialization and stabilization of the economy.

7. The General Council asked FHASA to make Andorran citizens priority in the hiring process in order to reach an economic stability of Andorran households.

8. This led to an escalation led to the first strike of FHASA workers occurring in 1931.

9. The employers such as the FHASA could change the employee's working conditions without consensus.

10. In 1948 Bonet married Pere Zamora, a worker of FHASA, who later joined the family business.

11. The workers of FHASA contributed to its construction.