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1 Kim, an assistant professor of business at Columbia University, wanted to test the relationship between reputation and regulatory treatment at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
2 FDA also cites a separate National Cancer Institute program finding that, despite the dramatic increase in cell phone use, occurrences of brain cancer did not increase between 1987 and 2005.
3 Nowadays, all genetically engineered foods on the market fit, according to the FDA, the category of "generally regarded as safe" (GRAS).
4 Penicillin Amendment requires FDA testing and certification of safety and effectiveness of all penicillin products.
5 all of the recalled cantaloupes are labeled with a sticker, the FDA said.
6 It gave the FDA more power to regulate operations at large vegetable farms, such as the farm in Colorado that sold contaminated cantaloupes in 2011.
7 The FDA is telling people to throw out any cantaloupes from a Honduran company thought to be linked to a salmonella outbreak.
8 After the outbreak in chopped garlic, the FDA told garlic processors add phosphoric acid.
9 Biotech has also become a big issue for livestock lately, and not just because of cloned cattle: The FDA is mulling a proposal, for example, to allow sales of genetically modified salmon.
10 Yes, the industry will need the guidance documents and rules from the FDA to know what it means to be in compliance.
11 a preventive vaccine for the human papillomavirus (HPV), approved by the FDA in 2006, promises to reduce the cases of cervical cancer in the future.
12 A number of devices with different modes of action have been cleared by the FDA to perform transurethral surgery that usually relieves any obstruction and incomplete emptying of the bladder.
13 Well we do, and, while implementation of the new law rests as much with the food industry as it does with FDA, it's critical we do our job well.
14 More than 40 have received FDA warnings for research misconduct, lost hospital privileges or been convicted of crimes.
15 that, we will look to Congress to work with us to ensure that FDA has what's needed to achieve our Shared food safety and food defense goals.
16 FDA consumer consultants are appointed in each field district to maintain communications with consumers and ensure that FDA considers their needs and problems.
17 Following the meeting, FDA director of anesthesia and analgesia products Bob Rappaport, MD, wrote that additional studies are needed.
18 questions about egg substitutes should be directed to the manufacturer or to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
19 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advised people that have already had a heart attack to begin taking an aspirin a day to help prevent another one.
20 Other factors influenced FDA approval as well.
21 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will begin a Tomato Safety Initiative in the Summer of 2007.
22 It was important for the FDA to determine how drugs would affect the body before they were approved, but the process should be as speedy as safety permitted; lives were riding on it.
23 The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and FDA promulgate and enforce the regulations that ensure the exclusion of specific risk materials from the human food supply.
24 The vote is not binding on the FDA, but approval would lend powerful support for a final decision by the agency charged with protecting the nation's food and drug supplies.
25 However, the panel suggested the FDA only approve Cymbalta as an additional treatment for lower back pain, and not osteoarthritis of the knee.
26 An article about the dangers and some FDA guidelines on gaining and not losing your health can be found on our web.
27 Even if their products have been deemed safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they have long faced the threat of liability lawsuits in state courts.
28 FDA has established prevention-oriented standards and rules for seafood, juice, and eggs, as has the U.
29 letter notes that the FDA faces legal and linguistic hurdles in conducting probes overseas.
30 FDA begins administering Sanitation Programs for milk, shellfish, food service, and interstate travel facilities, and for preventing poisoning and accidents.