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No. sentence
1 Iron ore imports were primarily fuelled by merchants anticipating a revival in FAI as a result of infrastructure investment.
2 Mr. Hintz is a foot soldier in an army of volunteer cartographers who are logging every detail of neighborhoods near and fai into online atlases.
3 What was important for me when designing and implementing FAI was a proper readable and writeable configuration format.
4 During arthroscopic surgeries on the labrum, doctors can fix the FAI by shaving down the bony defect.
5 is the project leader of FAI and just released its version 3.3.4.
6 InfoQ asked Lange about the roadmap for upcoming versions of FAI, so users get an idea what they might enjoy in the future.
7 Asked for the most important and interesting features of FAI, Lange said.
8 We are working on providing setup-storage as independent part of the suite so it can be used outside of FAI as well.
9 FAI USES simple configuration files meant to be stored in your favourite version control system and easy to read and write manually.
10 FAI became the decent deployment solution because of its users and their feedback.
11 For example the partition tool in FAI, known as setup-storage, is a flexible component.
12 FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) is a non-interactive system to avoid the boring and repeating task of installing, customizing and managing Linux systems manually.
13 Also holding steady is the 20 per cent of FAI in the form of public infrastructure, as rising spending on utilities offsets a fall in transport.
14 I want to point out the FAI user reports.
15 The recent FAI surge is particularly impressive given that two of the biggest components of investment, manufacturing for export and property development, are either stagnant or contracting.
16 This flexibility combined with the class based approach is what brings FAI to enterprise level in my opinion.
17 Checking the rapid expansion of real-estate development, which represents about a quarter of FAI (excluding rural households), is the clear priority of economic planners.
18 Trillion fai and Carrie son also together.
19 To use FAI for deployment you need DHCP, NFS, HTTP and TFTP servers and of course the FAI software itself.
20 window guidance on banks has limited impact on FAI.
21 Teddy boy, trillion fai became the best of friends.
22 People think the fai Saul association, the above condition reflects in high temperature and the rain alternate weather and start building affected obviously, demand is weak.
23 Fai and Anna will each try anything to achieve their goals but the pressure mounts.
24 Follow up Translation status of customer documents and other technical documents (ITP, ts, TR, PAI, FAI, etc.) required by project to due dates.
25 Hong Kong veteran Tony Leung Ka Fai, Canadian actor Luke MacFarlane, and Irishman Peter O'Toole.
26 Dongliang district of 'diabase which is the product of Jurassic-cretaceous Himalayan period. The property of the rock is Fai green rock and they invades in the way of a high Angle rock wall.
27 desperate attempt to raise money, Fai forgoes even his own morality, selling parts of his employer's car and replacing them with cheaper ones.
28 In a conclusion, the FAI system can completely remove the fuel short-circuiting, and greatly improve the performance during heavy load operating conditions.
29 Appointing an Acting President in the event of the FAI President's death or incapacitation.
30 She had been in various musicals, movies and television drama series with different famous actors such as Sammo Hung, Sean Lau, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Kent Cheng and so on.