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Explosive breeders in a sentence

1. Most frogs can be classified as either prolonged or explosive breeders.

2. Explosive breeders on the other hand are found where temporary pools appear in dry regions after rainfall.

3. Spadefoot toads are "explosive breeders", all emerging from their burrows at the same time and converging on temporary pools, attracted to one of these by the calling of the first male to find a suitable breeding location.

4. In explosive breeders, mature adult frogs arrive at breeding sites in response to certain trigger factors such as rainfall occurring in an arid area.

5. In explosive breeders, the first male that finds a suitable breeding location, such as a temporary pool, calls loudly and other frogs of both sexes converge on the pool.

6. Explosive breeders tend to call in unison creating a chorus that can be heard from far away.

7. The tadpole stage may be as short as a week in explosive breeders or it may last through one or more winters followed by metamorphosis in the spring.

8. They are explosive breeders, taking advantage of small water ponds formed on the forest floor after periods of rain.

9. R. dorsalis are considered “explosive breeders”, also characteristic of other burrowing Anura, whereby many individuals exit their burrows synchronously and converge upon temporary pools of water.

10. Although the mating season of explosive breeders is restricted to a short period each year, R. dorsalis has one of the shortest seasons among amphibians of between 1-3 days, after which they will burrow back into the ground once the environment has dried up and remain until the next breeding season.

11. Yosemite toads are explosive breeders (breeds within a short time period), migrating to breeding pools and flooded areas in late spring while snowbanks still veil the frozen meadows.

12. Agalychnis saltator are explosive breeders that breed after heavy rains.

13. They are also known to be explosive breeders.