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Evadne in a sentence

1. Iamus was the son of Apollo and Evadne.

2. When Evadne went into labour, Apollo sent the Moirai to assist his lover.

3. Evadne was a nymph daughter of Poseidon and a lover of Apollo.

4. Iamus was a son of Apollo and the nymph Evadne.

5. Melantius goes to Evadne and forces her to reveal what has happened.

6. Evadne Price (28 August 1888 –

7. Evadne Price's own account of her early life is full of contradictions.

8. In "SHE Stargazes" Evadne gives her birth date as 28 August (p. 82).

9. He died in 1921, not, as Evadne claimed, during her teens.

10. In 1915 she changed "Eva" to the more evocative "Evadne" (Dumfries &

11. Under her own name, Evadne Price was a successful romance novelist.

12. Jane Turpin is a fictional girl character, created by Evadne Price.

13. Evadne then brings the news that Calkas has defected to the Greek side.

14. Armed and refitted, she served on anti-submarine duties as HMS Evadne.

15. Nadia Evadne Cattouse was born in Belize City in 1924.

16. In 1901, he married Evadne Maude Kellet;

17. and the couple had two daughter—Monica Elizabeth and Jocelin Evadne.

18. It is based on a play by Ken Attiwill and his wife Evadne Price.

19. In 1872, Drummond married Evadne L. Ironside.

20. Following the war, Evadne returned to civil life as a yacht.

21. Five days after that, Colpoys captured the Prussian ship Evadne.

22. In this she played on 26 June 1837 Evadne, opposite Macready as Melantius.

23. His mother in the latter case maybe Evadne, daughter of river god Strymon.

24. Evadne is a genus of onychopods in the family Podonidae.

25. There are at least four described species in Evadne.

26. Evadne also became a Governor and served in this role for seventy years.

27. Evadne is a name from Greek mythology.

28. Evadne may also refer to: People with the given name:

29. Sthenelus was the son of Capaneus and Evadne.

30. He was married to Evadne Priester and they lived in San Francisco.