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1 Europe and Africa contributed their plants to the Americas, including coffee, grapes and wheat.
2 Stoxx Europe 600 Index climbed 1.1 percent to 254 at 1:23 p.m. in London, paring gains after a private report showed U.S. companies unexpectedly cut jobs in August.
3 He used to habituate the dirty bars during those days in Europe.
4 So, it was a very popular book in the U.S., but it did have this history of being banned in Europe, and it was certainly controversial here.
5 While honeymooning in Europe after his marriage to Millicent Wilson in 1903, he expanded his publishing empire with Motor Magazine.
6 They cried up their products as the best in Europe.
7 Nato today offered to include Moscow in its defence planning, announcing that missile shields being developed in the us and Europe could be integrated with Russian systems.
8 It is also pressing ahead with its military missile programme, frequently testing weapons capable of reaching Israel, US bases in the Gulf and parts of south-east Europe.
9 Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and other Republican senators have warned that they will not approve a treaty that would curb a planned U.S. missile defense system for Europe.
10 This week, we remember all the victims of al Qaeda and the courage and resilience with which their families and fellow citizens have persevered, from the Middle East to Europe, from Africa to Asia.
11 We were elected to chair the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe in 2010 and hosted the first OSCE Summit in 11 years in Astana.
12 Now she has a job in France she can gratify her wish to see Europe.
13 most of western Europe, feelings are more ambivalent.
14 Yet all these elements do not have to lead to a happy ending for Europe.
15 The tourists who flood into Rome's forum, Florence's Uffizi gallery or st Mark's Square in Venice might be surprised to learn that Italy is one of the youngest countries in Europe.
16 from Peru, the potato became the fuel for the rise of Europe.
17 A merchant from Venice introduced coffee to Europe in 1615.
18 Climate also seems to have played a role in the epidemic of Black Death, which killed about half the population of Central Europe by 1347.
19 Pictures of the occasion were placarded throughout Eastern Europe.
20 The question now, given that there is bound to be further consolidation of equity trading in eastern Europe, is where that liquidity will go.
21 In that decade, when central and eastern Europe were still part of the Soviet block, Europe suffered low growth and high unemployment caused by two oil shocks.
22 Europe dominated new solar power installations last year, at about 13 gigawatts (GW), Masson estimated, with Germany and Italy accounting for nearly 7 GW and about 3 GW respectively.
23 Europe is at its chaotic worst. France and Britain want a no-fly zone, but Germany, deaf to the pleas of Libyans, sees only risks and entanglement.
24 He read a lot so as to learn about the intellectual history of Europe.
25 and working through World War I and World War II, Foujita's persevered to paint and carry on holding exhibitions in Japan, Europe and South America simultaneously.
26 I believe this treaty will pave the way to peace in Europe.
27 In 1348 the plague or "the Black Death" arrived in Europe from traders coming from Asia and was spread by rats that arrived on trader's ships.
28 Others suggest Obama's insouciance is nothing new and that since 1945, US presidents have tended to view Europe with a mixture of scorn, irritation and indifference.
29 And yet our case was so different from that of Europe.
30 One plan is to site such plants in desert regions of north Africa, and to transport the electricity generated to Europe.