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Euripides' lost play in a sentence

1. According to other reports in Euripides' lost play about Telephus, he went to Aulis pretending to be a beggar and asked Achilles to heal his wound.

2. A fragment from Euripides' lost play Cretan Men (Kretes) has the chorus describe themselves as initiates of Idaean Zeus and celebrants of "night-ranging Zagreus, performing his feasts of raw flesh".

3. It was also the subject of Euripides' lost play Aeolus, on which the extant versions appear to be based.

4. In Euripides' lost play Antiope, Antiope flees back to the cave where she gave birth to Amphion and Zethus;

5. There was also a reference to the story in Euripides' lost play Hypsipyle (c. 410 BC), where Hypsipyle tells Euneus: "Alas, the flight that I fled, my son—if you only knew it—from sea-girt Lemnos, because I did not cut off my father’s grey head!"

6. It has been suggested that this play may be an alternate title for Euripides' lost play Syleus, for which several fragments are extant.