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Ethnologue in a sentence

1. This latter figure appears in Ethnologue.

2. All figures retrieved from Ethnologue.

3. Ethnologue counts more than 80 languages.

4. Ethnologue uses this classification.

5. Ethnologue adds Malol to Siau.

6. this is followed by Ethnologue (2005).

7. Ethnologue lists 215 living languages.

8. Masa (Ethnologue) Musey language.

9. Ethnologue adds Okinoerabu and Yoron;

10. There are 4,000 speakers (Ethnologue).

11. and in Dinalupihan, Bataan (Ethnologue).

12. Ethnologue classifies it as East Zenati.

13. Ethnologue lists Jelkung as a synonym;

14. Grimes (1987) and the Ethnologue.

15. Ethnologue lists the following dialects.

16. Ethnologue indicates several branches;

17. Sumau Garia at Ethnologue.

18. Language use is "vigorous" (Ethnologue).

19. Dialects are (Ethnologue, 22nd edition):

20. Ethnologue also lists Kali as a synonym;

21. Ethnologue also lists Mangopom village.

22. Ethnologue lists the following dialects.

23. Birjia is spoken in (Ethnologue):

24. The Ethnologue reports otherwise.

25. Ethnologue lumps it under Bhil proper.

26. Ethnologue reports a few others.

27. Komodo - Ethnologue.

28. Ethnologue (22nd ed.) lists villages as:

29. Ethnologue counts it as three languages.

30. Ethnologue lists two main dialects.