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Ephialtes in a sentence

1. Otis and Ephialtes even dared to scale Mount Olympus.

2. Otis and Ephialtes, the twin giants were together called the Aloadae.

3. the Giant Ephialtes lying on the ground;

4. This made Ephialtes envious and the pair fought.

5. Ephialtes (lit.

6. also Ἐφιάλτης (Ephialtes), in Latin Incubus;

7. Ephialtes was motivated by the desire for a reward.

8. For this act, the name "Ephialtes" received a lasting stigma;

9. Kaas called him the "Ephialtes of the Centre Party".

10. It is also a common host-plant for the moth Zygaena ephialtes.

11. Ephialtes was a fifth century BC Athenian statesman.

12. Ephialtes may also refer to:

13. Z. ephialtes is in the family Zygaenidae and is unpalatable to birds.

14. Z. ephialtes typically fly during the day.

15. Z. ephialtes L. (= falcatae Boisd.) (5 i, k).

16. [ now Z. ephialtes ssp.

17. these forms are coronillae Esp.[ now Z. ephialtes ssp.

18. [ now Z. ephialtes ssp.

19. [now Z. ephialtes ssp.

20. [now Z. ephialtes ssp.

21. [ now Z. ephialtes ssp.

22. These forms are ab. guenneri Hirschke [ now Z. ephialtes ssp.

23. Z. ephialtes are one of the largest species of burnet moths.

24. There are many host plants for Z. ephialtes.

25. Ephialtes (lit.

26. [ now Zygaena ephialtes ssp.

27. Themistokles returns to Athens and confronts Ephialtes.

28. Ephialtes is a genus of ichneumon wasps in the family Ichneumonidae.

29. There are about 14 described species in Ephialtes.

30. I am Ephialtes, born of Sparta.