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No. sentence
1 His speech gave us some enlightenment.
2 And you may well understand what they are saying, because enlightenment disciplines are still young and connected enough for a generalist to grasp.
3 is imagined as sovereign because the concept was born in an age in which Enlightenment and Revolution were destorying the legitamcy of the divinely-ordained, hierarchical dynastic realm.
4 This body of research suggests the French enlightenment view of human nature, which emphasized individualism and reason, was wrong.
5 The foreigners rushed to congratulate the husband on his enlightenment — only to be told that he stuck his wife in front because they were walking through a minefield.
6 The authors may be in this enviable state of enlightenment, but most readers will not have a clue what they are on about.
7 This will give some enlightenment.
8 The answer is: No, but in an age of enlightenment.
9 Others say that after 2012, the Earth will experience a period of terrible destruction followed by a new age of peace and enlightenment.
10 As sources of enlightenment they are inexhaustible.
11 But one day they decided that if they were going to rally the fence-sitters to the enlightenment cause they should strike below the belt.
12 When we step outside and immerse ourselves in this natural world we open ourselves to the enlightenment that is all around, just waiting to be reflected in each one of us.
13 They all commented on the great achievements of the awardees, who have contributed tremendously to peace and enlightenment for humanity.
14 Bastion of enlightenment what's going on?
15 But the world began to warm in 1650; when Charles II was crowned king of England in 1660, the coronation sparked the Enlightenment era in Europe.
16 I don't think so - which is why enlightenment requires realisation of selflessness in full.
17 It is an immensely attractive notion, deeply rooted in the Enlightenment worldview of which all of us in the liberal world are the product.
18 Possessing this ability opens the gateway to enlightenment and spiritual awakening.
19 During the Enlightenment Jews joined their fellow Europeans in the process of modernisation and secularization, hoping they would, at last, be accepted by European society.
20 Anyone, no matter how successful they are, owes their growth to their teachers' enlightenment and instruction, and thus should be a student forever before their teachers," he said.
21 Philippines has been a beacon of scientific enlightenment in a vast sea of darkness with regards to sound, science-based policies about agricultural biotechnology and GM crops.
22 At the height of the Enlightenment, the cultural paywall went virtual, when British authors gained the right to create legally protected markets for their works.
23 enlightenment may have put an end to the sort of formal theocracy in which popes commanded armies and kings ruled by divine right.
24 One contemporary psychological view is also focused on helping an individual move on, if not to spiritual enlightenment, to emotional healing and inner peace.
25 To this Roman ideal of republicanism the thinkers of the Enlightenment added more liberal notions of freedom.
26 From a cursory, modernist perspective, traditional medical knowledge might be dismissed as a relic of antiquated cultures, bereft of the intellectual illumination of the Age of Enlightenment.
27 The profound ancient Greek philosophical thinking, the magnificent Homer Epic, the immortal Greek mythology all have the permanent charm and give human the wisdom and enlightenment.
28 This trio will be the first comprehensive history of the Enlightenment for decades—and Mr Israel's groundbreaking interpretation looks set to establish itself as the one to beat.
29 But others will not see the results that they expect and will feel that they have missed something or worse, are not capable of enlightenment.
30 Call it the era of trickle-down science: knowledge emerged from a confined center of rational enlightenment, then slowly became known to the rest of society.