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Engolasters Lake in a sentence

1. In popular folklore, the best-known Andorran legends are the legend of Charlemagne, according to which this Frankish King would have founded the country, the White Lady of Auvinyà, the Buner d'Ordino, the legend of Engolasters Lake and the legend of Our Lady of Meritxell.

2. Among several cable cars, the most important operates between Encamp and Engolasters Lake.

3. A cable car used to connect the town with Engolasters Lake, but it has been dismantled.

4. Another interesting legend narrated is of Engolasters Lake as the site of ceremonies held by witches (said to be a common belief in the Pyrenees).

5. Engolasters Lake lies to the northeast of the Andorran capital of Andorra la Vella in western-central Andorra.

6. (The Cable car stopped operating in the 80's) Cable cars provide one of the means of transport in Andorra and one such cable car way operates between Encamp and Engolasters Lake.

7. Botanical gardens covering three delimited areas representing 13 different habitats are seen along the 3 km (1.9 mi) stretch of the road that connects les Pardines with Engolasters Lake.

8. Engolasters Lake is used for recreation purposes.

9. It was built with the storage provided by Engolasters Lake at Salt d'Escaldes.