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No. sentence
1 This time the teacher will not mark our English exercises for spelling and grammar, but she will be looking for pleasing expression.
2 She bought an English dictionary for me.
3 Her spoken English is not very good, but her meaning shone through without doubt.
4 English was his first language and he always had a terrific ear.
5 It was one of those perfect English spring days.
6 The English teacher watered down the course for the slow-learning students.
7 industrial revolution modified the whole structure of English society.
8 Most of the students understand English well.
9 My English teacher doesnt pull any punches when it comes to discipline. She maintains an orderly classroom.
10 I dont have much difficulty with English grammar.
11 English poetry is one of their great heritages.
12 This company has no use for people who dont 'know English.
13 It's also likely that your web presence is English language only, and you only receive patronage from English-speaking customers.
14 I had never met a foreigner who spoke such perfect English.
15 fact, I find she is very modest and always says that she did not study hard in college and her English is extremely poor.
16 If Mandarin - or Spanish, or Arabic - is to replace English as the world's lingua franca, children in San Paulo, st Petersburg and Auckland had better start learning it now.
17 Visit this extraordinary castle just once and you will find yourself agreeing with the English about their claim.
18 Every year, when winter descends on the country, one of English literature’s great works always finds itself pulled down from my bookshelf: namely, William Thackeray’s immortal Vanity Fair.
19 In the years I've spent as a regular participant in the rec.music.opera newsgroup, I've seen numerous requests for opera librettos in English translation.
20 Simplified English may not be for everyone, but with the rise in the number of people around the world working in English, I suspect we will see more of it.
21 Many of the best software development professionals I've worked with majored in non-technical disciplines such as philosophy, music, or English.
22 I found English much more difficult to learn.
23 In speaking English do not swallow a single syllable, however short it may be.
24 Some English vowel sounds which are not given weight in speech become reduced to a rather formless central vowel.
25 THE internet is replete with funny Chinese signs in English, but a friend currently in Kunming, in southwester China, sends in a doozy of an unusual one.
26 English Speech Contest of ChuXiong Experimental High School!
27 when they learn English phonetics, Zhaotong city students are often influenced by Chinese or local dialect phonetics and they often commit some phonetic errors.
28 It exercised a strong influence towards goodwill between the two great English speaking peoples.
29 I taught kids that were about 10, all of which were still beginning in English.
30 He needs to perfect his spoken English before going to work in Canada.