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No. sentence
1 James began publishing a newspaper, the new England Courant.
2 It would be wonderful if the gallery trustees were to lend appropriate paintings to Auckland Castle and establish an outstation for northeast eng-land," he said.
3 She has certainly profited from spending a year in England.
4 celebration gallery" will be unveiled in Trafalgar Square showing 100 huge photographs of blood recipients from England and the world.
5 This distance was based on the historical fact that it was that far from Winsor Castle to the royal viewing box during the 1908 Olympics in England.
6 He received part of his education in England.
7 England, Scotland and Wales compose the island of Great Britain.
8 Cruelty to animals is severely punished in England.
9 There are many old homesteads in New England.
10 drama in England flourished under Elizabeth I.
11 A tunnel has been bored under the channel to link England and France.
12 She is rumoured to have been married in England.
13 He arrived in England safe and sound.
14 England and France have each won once.
15 the title, why do England lose?
16 We come from England.
17 Etymology: over England; from one land to another; into Ireland.
18 Solve only the first of the two problems; you will be Venice, you will be England.
19 Go to England?
20 It is down to England and the manager, but to get the chance to play with him would be unbelievable.
21 Then I could have one of those little white houses in some New England town, and there would be a sun porch and a salary; and when I got to school there would be these happy faces longing to see me!
22 The ECB and the Bank of England do all three of these things.
23 Smile at us, pay us, pass us; but do not quite forget, for we are the people of England, that never have spoken yet.
24 Weeks later it wiped out fields in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and England.
25 While in England I began another poem, which I went on with during my journey home, and finished after my return.
26 People of New England!
27 She was afraid to let me go free,because I have friends in England.
28 Some, including the Bank of England, seem to have recognised this problem.
29 So, you know about football: will England win the World Cup then, or what?
30 You will die by an act of violence, as Venice died, or by bankruptcy, as England will fall.