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No. sentence
1 While honeymooning in Europe after his marriage to Millicent Wilson in 1903, he expanded his publishing empire with Motor Magazine.
2 of Austrian empire seeped into Venice and the northeast of Italy.
3 Was “empire” itself a matter of land and settlement or, as he thought, of ports and islands and trading opportunities?
4 The empire pivots on Singapore.
5 A famousscientist and his family just emigrated from Italy to this empire. but two days ago, the scientist's son encountered several kidnappers when he was reading an encyclopedia.
6 In Britain pleasure piers grew from every nook of the coast just as the Empire expanded, and the blare of military bands along their decks echoed the triumphal march of colonisers overseas.
7 Perhaps, like the mastermind of the Vietnam war, Mr Wolfowitz would quit the rubble of a failed conflict to build a righteous empire of aid.
8 But nonetheless, Peter the Great creates this huge empire that will have over the long run, an enormous influence in European affairs.
9 of the Roman Empire to the Industrial Revolution and beyond, Clarks compelling narrative is accompanied by breathtaking colour photography of Europes grearest landmarks.
10 he revelled in him as perhaps the finestfictional rogue ever to grace the map of the British empire.
11 Yet when the demands of building an empire drove him south, he yearned to return to Kabul.
12 From the facts, we deduced that the Empire was decaying.
13 Emperor Claudius, he of the Roman Empire fame, one made farting legal at banquets, stating that it was for the good of the people health.
14 She then parlayed her charms into a vast empire of property and stocks.
15 The Supreme Court's ruling on Everland's bond sale removed doubts about whether Lee Jae-yong would preside over the Samsung empire as his father once did.
16 This yardstick tends to be shrugged off by empire builders, but in the long run it is the only one that counts.
17 He was motivated in part by a desire to raise money for the rest of his ailing business empire.
18 She imagined the sight of a giant statue at the entry point of a great nation -– but unlike the great monuments of the past, this would not signal an empire.
19 a mighty empire ruled the world.
20 Under later dynasties, the Middle Kingdom slipped into decline, while London rose to become capital of a global empire and then a leading international financial centre.
21 What a splendid destiny for a nation to be the Empire of such an Emperor, when that nation is France and when it adds its own genius to the genius of that man!
22 Like the Soviet empire (and the British one before it), it has failed to understand that controlling Afghanistan is much harder than invading it.
23 AROUND four centuries ago, British capital started flowing into India, creating the East India Company, and laying the foundations of the empire.
24 new dynasty, uniting the country’s west and east, set out to create a great empire.
25 Iran traces its national origin to Persia, an empire that emerged in the 6th century BC under the Achaemenid dynasty.
26 from the Black Sea to the Caspian, was colonised late and was never fully integrated into Russia's empire.
27 By the time of his death in 1227, he had created an empire that stretched from the Pacific coast to the Caspian Sea.
28 They applied this principle all across the Roman Empire.
29 Machiavelli rejected this idea of the empire and harked back, instead, to the model of republican Rome.
30 The empire was barbarizing rapidly.