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No. sentence
1 By the Chinese calendar, it is the first day of the Chrysanthemum Moon in the third year of the Perpetually Jubilant Emperor, ruler of Da Ming, the Dynasty of Great Light.
2 The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan ordered it built after the death of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.
3 17th, June, 1631 - Mumtaz Mahal died during childbirth. Her husband, Mughal emperor Shah Jahan I, then spent more than 20 years to build her tomb, the Taj Mahal.
4 The Taj, built in the 1600s by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a shrine for his wife, is a World Heritage site.
5 the Emperor trembled, and besought me and said, "Take all the treasure and go from my city."
6 Many many years ago lived an emperor, who thought so much of new clothes that he spent all his money in order to obtain them; his only ambition was to be always well dressed.
7 power of an emperor was defined by law, not by himself.
8 quite a few Qing schol-ars attributed the fall of the Ming dynasty to Emperor Chongzhen's execution of his ablest general, Yuan Chonghuan.
9 There was once an Emperor who had a horse shod with gold. He had a golden shoe on each foot, and why was this?
10 Now the Emperor wanted to see it himself while it was still on the loom.
11 Emperor Claudius, he of the Roman Empire fame, one made farting legal at banquets, stating that it was for the good of the people health.
12 When the Emperor saw me, he raised his painted eyebrows and stopped.
13 the Emperor ride, sir?" said the barber.
14 It was the ultimate crime: the murder of an emperor.
15 Freer Gallery in Washington, DC, has sent its treasured 17th-century masterpiece, "Humayun Seated in a Landscape", which was painted by Payag for Jahangir's son, the emperor Shah Jahan.
16 What a splendid destiny for a nation to be the Empire of such an Emperor, when that nation is France and when it adds its own genius to the genius of that man!
17 The emperor feel oddness, ask lift, why quick dead still smile.
18 Napoleon had the experience of being crowned emperor.
19 But this guy didn't have the experience of being crowned emperor.
20 He doesn't remember being crowned emperor.
21 He's got the memories of being crowned emperor and being defeated, conquering Europe.
22 To have the genuine memory, he has to have been crowned emperor.
23 Painting in Song Dynasty was emphasized incomparably, because the emperor loved painting very much.
24 The young Emperor was stretched on a couch of dyed lion skins, and a ger-falcon perched upon his wrist.
25 Pertinax, was Roman Emperor for three months in 193. He is known as the first emperor of the tumultuous Year of the Five Emperors.
26 Emperor his father published an edict, commanding all his subjects upon great penalties, to break the smaller end of their eggs.
27 Emperor penguins huddled together against the cold are using coordinated waves of movement to stay tightly packed together.
28 Its user generated content powered by people like us has made it one of the Kings of the information heap if not the absolute emperor.
29 The Emperor Napoleon offered, through the Institute of France, a prize of 3000 francs for a satisfactory theory of the vibration of plates (Lindsay, 1966).
30 The hermit listened attentively but only patted the emperor on the shoulder and continued digging.