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No. sentence
1 As for Emma, although she lost most of her family, her story had a happy ending.
2 Then as a teenager Emma noticed that holding COINS for too long had the same effect on her palms - forcing her to begin avoiding coppers and silvers as much as possible.
3 Shayne is the youngest son of a very large family and is also a twin! He has 3 brothers, Mark 29, Martin 28 and Michael 27, and 3 sisters, Lisa 24, his twin Emma 20 and Leona 16.
4 Emma Watson was among the stars battling the elements as she trailed the hem of her Valentino gown along the sodden red carpet.
5 That was used as reference to help us define how January, or how Emma Frost, should look, " he says.
6 said yesterday: "The sister of Emma Alice was tending to a dying man in 1953 and he admitted to her that he had killed her sister.
7 There have been film and television productions of not only Pride and Prejudice, but also Emma, Persuasion, and the Oscar-winning Sense and Sensibility.
8 Emma wore this kimono-style dress at red carpet event in September 2004. Paired with a soft pink shawl, Ms Watson had definite A-list confidence in her pose!
9 The entire escapade was made into a film last year by the BBC, starring Kevin Whately, Emma Pierson, Alexei Sayle and John Sessions.
10 Emma Watson attends the world premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 at Trafalgar Square on July 7, 2011 in London, England.
11 Despite her new modelling career, Emma insists she is going to go to university to study philosophy.
12 You are on the bus, inside a restaurant – it's everywhere," says Ojukwu Emma, president of the Association of the Nigerian Community, whose compatriots account for almost half the migrants.
13 How did Emma know leather would be a hot trend for A/W 2010?
14 When Lily was born we gave Emma a baby doll so she wouldn’t feel left out.
15 He relishes the "thisness" of any detail that "centres our attention with its concretion", like the yellow wax from the dance floor left on Emma Bovary's satin slippers.
16 But Emma argued the raids merely pushed people underground and into crime, when the city should be benefiting from them.
17 Guangzhou public security bureau did not respond to queries. But Emma argued the raids merely pushed people underground and into crime, when the city should be benefiting from them.
18 Emma, the community leader, had just returned from telling a Nigerian family their son had died.
19 Emma first discovered she had the problematic condition aged nine when her aunt gave her a gold necklace.
20 Cartier International Polo Day, Emma was totally timeless in this white lace dress with red lips.
21 Her novels, published from 1811 onwards, include "Sense and Sensibility", "Pride and Prejudice", "Mansfield Park", "Emma", "Northanger Abbey" and "Persuasion".
22 Emma Stone and Nicole Kidman were also named as having the perfect nose.
23 Golden Globes people actually did something right for a change: They nominated Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson as best actor and best actress in a comedy for Last Chance Harvey.
24 His inability to believe in the Christian god put him at odds with his beloved wife, Emma, and made him feel as if he lived set apart in some cold, far galaxy of the mind.
25 Emma told her mom that their cat had scratched her.
26 crawled, but would scoot around with her head on the floor, bottom stuck up in the air,' says her mother Emma.
27 Emma: the teacher asked me if I was the only child.
28 He was too unhappy, it must be nothing but a dream, and his mother was alive, and Emma would come up presently and go to bed.
29 Born in August 1899 above the family's high-street shop in the London suburb of Leytonstone, Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was the youngest of the three children of Emma and William Hitchcock.
30 Emma Thompson's latest film project - a love triangle featuring the 19th century poet and critic John Ruskin - is reported to have been placed in jeopardy by a New York copyright case.