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Ehret in a sentence

1. The .91-acre (0.37 ha) Ehret Park has a shelter and scenic open space.

2. Ehret's historical books emphasize early African history.

3. In recent years Ehret has carried his work in several new directions.

4. Ehret's subclassification of Nilo-Saharan (2001)

5. Arnold Ehret (July 29, 1866 –

6. Ehret's interests were physics, chemistry, drawing and painting.

7. Ehret developed and marketed the Innerclean Intestinal Laxative.

8. Along with his sister, Ehret was brought up as a Roman Catholic.

9. Ehret has played for the French U-21 selection.

10. Ehret was in great demand.

11. it was to Ehret he turned for meticulous paintings on vellum.

12. On 1 June 2012, John Ehret (no party) took office as mayor.

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16. During World War II, Ehret served with the Army's 87th Infantry Division.

17. Ehret died at his home in Grayslake, Illinois on February 24, 2007.

18. At John Ehret, Fourcade coached Kordell "Slash" Stewart.

19. Ehret den König!

20. Ehret struggled in 1895, with a 6–19 record and a 6.02 ERA.

21. Ehret was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

22. The Cushitic element was identified as South Cushitic by Ehret.

23. Ehret is a surname.

24. Terry Ehret (born 1955 in San Francisco) is an American poet.

25. For this class Ehret chose the fig as an example.

26. Sandra Haynie won the event in a sudden-death playoff over Gloria Ehret.

27. He was born in Marrero, Louisiana and attended John Ehret High School.

28. Nurse moves Manda to Bena–Kinga, but Ehret keeps it here.

29. Ehret has little knowledge of his biological father.

30. Ehret's trips continued, introducing 650 persons to BWCA trips.