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Edgecumbe in a sentence

1. the second in size behind Mount Edgecumbe High School in Sitka.

2. Whakatāne was affected by the 1987 Edgecumbe earthquake.

3. In 2008, Fonterra began supplying Gull Petroleum with ethanol from its Edgecumbe plant.

4. The earthquake was a major turning point in the history of Edgecumbe.

5. Edgecumbe is located inland from the coast on the end of the fertile Rangitaiki Plains.

6. Kawerau was one of the worst-affected towns in the 1987 Edgecumbe earthquake.

7. It hosts the region's only volcano, Mount Edgecumbe.

8. In 1849, Constantin Grewingk called the island Edgecumbe.

9. Mt. Edgecumbe High School —

10. Mount Edgecumbe may refer to:

11. During the Edgecumbe earthquake, the area widened by 1.2 metres.

12. The hardest hit was Edgecumbe, with damage to approximately 50% of its houses.

13. Growing up in the small rural town of Edgecumbe, Eve was a talented young athlete.

14. Historically, Edgecumbe was known for its running;

15. Mt. Edgecumbe expanded from 370 to 400 students in 2004.

16. Prior to 1934 some of their sand came from what is now Edgecumbe Park in Whitiora.

17. After Edgcumbes death in 1489 his son Piers Edgecumbe took over as constable for life.

18. Catherine married Peter Edgecumbe.

19. State Highway 2 passes through Tāneatua on its route between Ōpōtiki to Edgecumbe.

20. It included the towns of Te Puke, Edgecumbe and Papamoa.

21. Richard Edgcumbe (sometimes spelt Edgecumbe and Edgecombe) may refer to:

22. Among his staff were Philip Edgecumbe Hughes, and John Wenham.

23. Editors have included Henry Wace, Philip Edgecumbe Hughes and Gerald Bray.

24. Students come from the township of Edgecumbe as well as the surrounding settlements.

25. The museum was founded by Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe, a former head of diversity for Google.

26. SH 34 begins at SH 2 just west of Edgecumbe.

27. She graduated from Mt. Edgecumbe High School, in Sitka, Alaska, in 1968.

28. Lodena Edgecumbe married Richard Armbrust.

29. Lodena Edgecumbe Armbrust died in 1978.

30. It is within the locality of Bowen on the coast facing Brisk Bay and Edgecumbe Bay.