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Each human being in a sentence

1. e.g., each human being constitutes a monad, in which case free will is problematic.

2. Bhakti sub-schools of Vedanta taught a creator God that is distinct from each human being.

3. All persons have a right to religious liberty, a right with its foundation in the essential dignity of each human being.

4. Franck came to believe that God communicates with individuals through a portion of the divine remaining in each human being.

5. He upholds the theory of Creationism (i.e., that a soul is specially created for each human being).

6. The sixth Prapathaka enumerates soul into two, the one that is within each human being and one without that is in Sun.

7. It is necessary for each human being to Christify himself.

8. Each human being has a long series of social duties, but these depend upon his more essential duties;

9. The Tzotzil believe that each human being has two souls, a ch'ulel and a wayhel.

10. Each human being comes into the world alone, travels through life as a separate person, and ultimately dies alone.

11. For Herder, the image of God was imprinted in each human being, along with an internal impulse for self-improvement and growth.

12. He also preached that each human being has a dualistic nature;

13. The communities' philosophy, anthroposophy, states that "a perfectly formed spirit and destiny belong to each human being."

14. Each human being, both Job and Yudhishthira, is committed to following his righteous duty, acting in conforming to his conscience.

15. The book demonstrates the relationship each human being has to time, and thus spiritually affirms Einstein's theory of relativity.

16. This God, asserts the text, is one, and is in each human being and in all living creatures.

17. If people believe that each human being has a right to be there and enjoy life, there cannot be "overpopulation".

18. The Army believes that forgiveness and transformation are possible for each human being, regardless of his / her past.

19. In discussing cognitive science and philosophy of mind, Malik concludes that each human being possesses "an extended mind";

20. According to the WHO, each human being requires a bare minimum of 20 litres of fresh water per day for basic hygiene;

21. In Gnosticism and other Western mystical traditions, the divine spark is the portion of God that resides within each human being.

22. There are two opposing views about how the soul originates in each human being.

23. Respect for the dignity, worth, autonomy, and individuality of each human being.

24. Each human being is in the first instance a citizen of one's own nation or commonwealth;

25. Zinc is a critical component of the catalytic site of hundreds of kinds of different metalloenzymes in each human being.

26. Based on this degree of harmony with the gods, stages of consciousness would arise in the soul of each human being.

27. This is supported biblically, in that God's love for each human being is unique to that person.

28. The Dreamseller and the Anonymous Revolution shows how each human being's path is complex, written with tears and joy;

29. it desensitizes sexuality and is incompatible with the dignity and equality of each human being.

30. But its subjects—the difficulty of communicating and the isolation of each human being—have remained the same.