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Dunleavy in a sentence

1. Mike Dunleavy, Governor.

2. Following the season, head coach Mike Dunleavy was fired.

3. Dunleavy played at Duke University from 1999–2002.

4. Dunleavy scored 14 points in the 136–112 victory.

5. Media related to Mike Dunleavy, Jr. at Wikimedia Commons.

6. Mike Dunleavy is the name of:

7. This marks Dunleavy's first job as a college coach.

8. Lionel hired a nurse named Rachel Dunleavy to assist her.

9. He was a close friend of Steve Dunleavy.

10. Carlesimo was fired and replaced with Mike Dunleavy.

11. Dunleavy has been a resident of Verona, New Jersey.

12. Steve Dunleavy of the New York Post;

13. Dunleavy was born and raised in Boston.

14. Dunleavy retired from the Navy later that summer.

15. He lost the party's nomination to Mike Dunleavy.

16. On these broadcasts, Miller works with Dan Dunleavy.

17. Head coach Mike Dunleavy was named Coach of The Year.

18. He finished 16th driving for Junie Dunleavy.

19. with Steve Dunleavy.

20. Dunleavy died in Cardiff on 13 January 1996.

21. On July 10, the Bulls signed Mike Dunleavy.

22. Dunleavy is from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

23. Dunleavy was sworn in on December 3, 2018.

24. Instead, McDermott would start for Dunleavy.

25. Dunleavy won election.

26. Dunleavy Jr. led the Duke Blue Devils with 21 points.

27. Rob Dunleavy replaced him on lead guitar.

28. Dunleavy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

29. Mike Dunleavy, Governor.

30. My name is Anne Dunleavy.