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No. sentence
1 He nibbled a piece of bread while drawing a picture.
2 Someone in the workshop ran away with the design drawing of the new motor.
3 They rejigged their original design drawing.
4 Designed by Kenneth Loh and Michelle Lim, this eco-tower has a hollow core that ACTS as a stack to draw hot air up and out of the building, while drawing cool air in from the bottom.
5 While most children of his age are painting or drawing with crayons, Lim Ding Wen has been programming.
6 She boggled her first attempt at drawing.
7 Yang killed a 70-year-old woman who was making firecrackers and a man who was watching a television drama on his sofa.He slashed the man's wife and a girl drawing well water.
8 Hours passed and the evening is drawing in.
9 Those follow-up visits could go on for five years, experts say, drawing on the experience of natural disasters elsewhere that shows how problems can suddenly erupt in previously untroubled survivors.
10 I made a drawing of myself crouched over a rifle, blowing out my heart.
11 He can use a computer drawing, no trace; Just one little click of the mouse to point, Instead of doing everything we can.
12 The third is to take a picture of my hand holding the drawing and then digitally match them up with a totally different background that I have photographed.
13 The little rogue thought I had not seen her, and, drawing back, she took her former station by the window, quite demurely.
14 The old lady has practised a lot at drawing and she is now a famous painter.
15 The children learn singing, dancing, drawing, and the like in the kindergarten.
16 He was bending over the desk, drawing.
17 I understood art to be synonymous with drawing well.
18 I like reading, skating, drawing and English.
19 This is pushing up prices and drawing more firms into the market.
20 Her hobbies include reading and drawing.
21 Take advantage of this phenomenon by drawing your users' attention to the most important parts of your page or AD.
22 One way to use predefined content as part of an SVG drawing is with the element.
23 I had no intention of becoming an artist, but to have enough skill to convey an idea in a drawing would be useful.
24 Only one person at a time can work on a drawing, because it is editing a simple document.
25 allows you to illustrate and share your ideas with free drawing tools.
26 signature on the drawing cinched it.
27 Then some of them got a reward for drawing and their motivation changed.
28 Close the pattern document and go back to your drawing.
29 Delete these two nodes before we start drawing the model.
30 In the United States, many car dealers price their cars with very large stickers which can readily be seen by passerby, with the intent of drawing people into the lot.