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Doyon in a sentence

1. In total about 7 million acres (28,000 km) were analyzed for Doyon.

2. Among the companies based in Fairbanks are Doyon, Limited.

3. Pierre Adolphe Adrien Doyon (French: [dwa.jɔ̃]; November 1, 1827 –

4. Doyon is chiefly remembered for his published works.

5. The majority of Doyon shareholders are of Athabascan descent.

6. Claude-Doyon is married to Wolfgang Staudinger, coach of the Canadian luge team.

7. With 100% interest in the Mupane, Doyon &

8. Cyrille Doyon (October 28, 1842 –

9. Doyon served as mayor of Saint-Isidore from 1874 to 1876.

10. Mario Doyon (born August 27, 1968) is a Canadian retired ice hockey defenceman.

11. Doyon was born in Quebec City, Quebec.

12. Doyon may refer to:

13. The Doyon 14 rig began drilling of the test well on February 3, 2007.

14. Doyon Limited, and numerous private collections in and outside Alaska.

15. Moses Ransom Doyon was mayor of Madison, Wisconsin.

16. Doyon was born on December 18, 1845, in Franklin, Vermont.

17. Doyon moved to Ironton, Wisconsin, in 1878.

18. Doyon died on August 12, 1933.

19. Doyon was mayor from 1888 to 1890.

20. Sunday (French: Dimanche) is a Canadian animated short film by Patrick Doyon.

21. Dimanche is the first professional film by Doyon, a native of Montreal.

22. Doyon has said that the film is inspired by his youth in Desbiens, Quebec.

23. Patrick Doyon is a Quebec animator and illustrator, based in Montreal.

24. Currently the camp has four producers in the Mouska, Doyon, Lapa and LaRonde.

25. His wife was Joan Doyon.

26. He is portrayed by Bruno Doyon.

27. The community was named for Charles H. Doyon, an early settler.

28. The Public Address Announcer is Jared Doyon.

29. The localization was led by Atlus West's Allie Doyon.

30. Audrey Doyon-Lessard (born 5 November 1986) is a Canadian ice hockey player.