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Dorians in a sentence

1. Accounts vary as to the Dorians' place of origin.

2. The origin of the Dorians is a multifaceted concept.

3. The Dorians also invaded Crete.

4. The Dorians seem to have offered the central mainland cultus for Helios.

5. In Greek historiography, the Dorians are mentioned by many authors.

6. Hermione was not Dorian but had joined the Dorians.

7. The Dorians promised him 1/3 of Doris (which they did not yet possess).

8. He took his land which he assigned to the Dorians, his followers.

9. The Dorians went on from Argos to Crete and Rhodes.

10. The mountain was also favored by the Dorians.

11. Its inhabitants were Dorians.

12. elsewhere Dorians were not allowed entry.

13. the other three being the Dorians, Aeolians, and Achaeans.

14. The city itself was founded by the Dorians.

15. The Dorians colonised a number of sites on Crete such as Lato.

16. There is, however, a distinction between Heracleidae and Dorians.

17. but the Dorians were not outside of either Greece or Greek society.

18. Plutarch records a laconic saying of the Dorians attributed to Lycurgus.

19. elsewhere Dorians were not allowed entry.

20. Solinus wrote that it was established by Dorians.

21. During the 12th century BC, the Dorians invaded Laconia.

22. The Dorians seem to have driven the local people up into the hills;

23. Hence the country is called the Metropolis of the Peloponnesian Dorians;

24. In the Saronic gulf, Aegina was peopled by Dorians.

25. On its conquest by the Dorians its inhabitants were reduced to slavery;

26. Later, the Dorians would expel the Carians from the Cyclades;

27. This Achaeanizing provoked the Dorians living in Messenia.

28. From this it is deduced that the first settlers of Soria were Dorians.

29. "Lonely Planet" is a song recorded by Armenian rock band Dorians.

30. The Dorians have been vanquished!