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Dorian in a sentence

1. Rhodes also was Dorian.

2. He has a grandson named Dorian.

3. It is in the Dorian mode.

4. Dorian then divorced Bordat.

5. By 1976, Dorian was broke.

6. Dorian Gray may also refer to:

7. Hardly any of them are Dorian.

8. The old symbol of Dorian Gray.

9. The tune uses Dorian mode.

10. Oliver Parker's Dorian Gray;

11. Lake Dorian (North Macedonia);

12. Dorian M. Bennett Realtors Inc.

13. Dorian, and 8 bars of D Dorian).

14. Dorian Wind Quintet;

15. DM stands for Dorian Metaye.

16. Dorian mode instead of B♭

17. Dorian may refer to:

18. Dorian Yates took second place.

19. Dorian Shainin.

20. Dorian Days (1909);

21. The Dorian station.

22. Dorian Leigh. Johanna McCormick.

23. Blow in F Blow Dorian.

24. Emil Dorian (born Emil Lustig;

25. 2nd Prize: Dorian Wilson, USA.

26. Dorian Wilson, USA;

27. They had one daughter, Dorian.

28. Dorian McGlannan and the Rev.

29. Would you, Dorian?

30. Picture of Dorian Gray.