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Dnieper-Bug in a sentence

1. To the east of Brest the Dnieper-Bug Canal was built in the mid-nineteenth century to join the river to the Pina, a tributary of the Pripyat River which in turn drains into the Dnieper River.

2. North of the peninsula the Dnieper turns westward and enters the Black Sea through the east–west Dnieper-Bug Estuary which also receives the Bug River.

3. The two rivers are connected by the Dnieper-Bug Canal, built during the reign of Stanislaus II of Poland, the last king of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.

4. The Dnieper is an important navigable waterway for the economy of Ukraine and is connected via the Dnieper–Bug Canal to other waterways in Europe.

5. This navigable river connects to the Dnieper-Bug canal, the link with the Bug River.

6. It is also connected with the Dnieper via the Mukhavets, a right-bank tributary, by the Dnieper-Bug Canal.

7. The river is connected with the Dnieper river by the Dnieper–Bug Canal.

8. Strong currents, however, forced the cruisers 15 miles (24 km) east to the approaches of the Dnieper-Bug Liman (bay) that led to Nikolayev.

9. The port is linked with the sea by Dnieper-Bug Estuary canal.

10. Popov designed Novgorod to meet an 1869 requirement to defend the Dnieper-Bug Estuary and the Kerch Strait.

11. The city is located right at the mouth of Dnieper, on the banks of the Dnieper-Bug Estuary.

12. The Dnieper–Bug Canal (alternatively the Dnepr-Bug Canal), or the Dneprovsko-Bugsky Canal is the longest inland ship canal in Belarus.

13. The Dnieper–Bug Canal after several enlargements is still providing a convenient inland waterway.

14. Navigation on the Dnieper–Bug Canal is interrupted by weirs on the rivers Mukhavets and Bug near Brest, Belarus, the border town.

15. former Turkish: Pirezin) is an island in the Black Sea at the entrance of the Dnieper-Bug Estuary, Ochakiv Raion, Mykolaiv Oblast, Ukraine.

16. It is often being confused with the artificial island of Pervomaisky that is located within Dnieper-Bug Estuary.

17. In peace-time the Riverine Flotilla of the Polish Navy, as it was officially called, operated on the Pina River (Dnieper–Bug Canal), as well as on the Pripyat and the Strumień rivers.

18. There is a river port in Brest, and the cargoes reloaded here onto river vessels can travel further on along the waterway that includes the Dnieper-Bug Canal, as far as the Black Sea ports.

19. It is linked via the Dnieper–Bug Canal to the city of Pinsk.

20. It was followed by other similar realizations: the Dnieper–Bug Canal (1784) or the Oginski Canal (1783).

21. The narrator lists the names of the rivers that the Red Army crosses as they march west: Volga, Don, Desna, Dnieper, Bug, Dvina, Neman, Vistula, and finally, Oder.

22. In Ukraine the monkey goby is a crucial commercial fish, especially in the Sea of Azov and Dnieper-Bug Estuary.

23. In the north-western Black Sea it inhabits the Dnieper-Bug Estuary, Dniester Estuary, near the Tendra sandbar and Berezan Island.

24. It forms part of the Dnieper-Bug Canal.

25. The Dnieper–Bug estuary (Ukrainian: Дніпровсько-Бузький лиман) is an open estuary, or liman, of two rivers: the Dnieper and the Southern Bug (also called the Boh River).

26. Together with the Dnieper estuary makes Dnieper–Bug estuary.

27. The Dnieper estuary, together with the Bug estuary, makes Dnieper–Bug estuary.

28. It was introduced to several rivers in northern Russia, the Rhine (in 1995), and the Vistula drainage system where it is invasive, coming from the Black Sea basin through the Dnieper–Bug Canal.

29. The Kinburn Peninsula (Ukrainian: Кінбурнський півострів, Kinburns'kii pivostriv), a peninsula in Southern Ukraine, separates the Dnieper-Bug Estuary from the Black Sea.

30. It covers portions of Dnieper–Bug estuary, the Kinburn Peninsula just south of the estuary, and Yahorlyk Bay a shallow bay of the Black Sea itself.