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Diomedes in a sentence

1. The god Hephaestus made Diomedes' cuirass for him.

2. When he died, it passed to Diomedes.

3. He might have perished if not for Diomedes.

4. Again, it was Diomedes who stepped forward.

5. Diomedes was wondering when to stop.

6. The horses of Rhesus were given to king Diomedes.

7. Wise Diomedes said, "Such a one is at hand;

8. Diomedes received the prize for the victor.

9. Diomedes won the sprint.

10. He raised his sword to stab Diomedes in the back.

11. Diomedes was one of the warriors inside.

12. Firmly resolved in his purpose, Diomedes answered.

13. Having said this, Diomedes slew Ilioneus.

14. However, she did not punish Diomedes.

15. Diomedes insists he will have both.

16. Diomedes soon does win her heart.

17. He raised his sword to stab Diomedes in the back.

18. It was founded in 140 BC by Diomedes of Aetolia.

19. She tells Troilus that Diomedes has escaped.

20. Diomedes was born in Bacolod.

21. Milentius is then killed by Diomedes.

22. Diomedes chose Odysseus.

23. Diomedes was fifth in line.

24. King Diomedes was a savage;

25. She was killed in battle by Diomedes.

26. Diomedes may refer to:

27. The Thracian Diomedes "was king of the Bistones".

28. It surmounts Diomedes Lake on the north.

29. He was killed by Diomedes.

30. At Calchas's tent, Diomedes calls to Cressida.