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1 The WHO country office in Pyongyang has offered direct assistance to the Ministry of Public Health in strengthening surveillance and diagnostic capacity for the detection of possible human cases.
2 I'm an astronaut. I fill out paperwork and run diagnostic checks on my equipment.
3 Darwin died in 1882 and none of the diagnostic techniques used today existed. Cohen could only guess at his ailments from historic records of his symptoms.
4 These diagnostic tools can attach to any application without requiring that application to start in a special mode.
5 Many countries still rely principally on sputum smear microscopy, a diagnostic method that was developed over a century ago.
6 Its mission is to develop, evaluate, demonstrate, and accelerate the roll out of new diagnostic tests and platforms for diseases of poverty, including TB, malaria, and human African trypanosomiasis.
7 Diagnostic information gathered by the tool was used to tune the servers to meet those applications' required response and performance goals.
8 Patients breathe into a glass diagnostic tool; when the trained bees detect any of the diseases or hormones, they move towards the tubes that lead closer to the breath.
9 Objective To explore the diagnostic value of thoracic spiral ct for pulmonary contusion.
10 The preoperative diagnostic value of MRI and CTM have been appraised for degenerative diseases of cervical spine and OPLL of 38 patients with cervical spondylotic myelopathy.
11 If a hardware diagnostic test fails, then you do have a problem; however no failures does not mean there are no problems.
12 Doctors hope it can be used as a diagnostic tool in homes and hospitals.
13 Testing for H5N1 influenza virus infections is not done routinely by many laboratories and among the laboratories that do test for H5N1, experience and levels of diagnostic capacities can vary.
14 To assess the diagnostic value of ultrasonology in infective endocarditis.
15 To demonstrate, I'll create a nontrivial Groovlet that performs some diagnostic checks for a Web application.
16 Diagnostic tools can help the programmer determine when to use those techniques.
17 Click on any alert to get more details about the alert condition and to go into relevant diagnostic dashboards that contain more details about sorting, transaction throughput, and much more.
18 Q: you spoke about diagnostic tools. Could you tell us more about recent developments?
19 Thread dumps are also a very common type of JVM diagnostic.
20 He also champions and inspires organizations to create better diagnostic and calibration tools for the software he produces.
21 However, this was also the case with seasonal affective disorder and postpartum depression, which are now formally recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
22 When problems do occur, an appreciation of the available diagnostic features and debugging techniques should help you resolve them.
23 I do think I’m a genius, but the stacks of diagnostic manuals would have been a pretty big clue even to lesser minds.
24 Also, access to diagnostic tools and appropriate advice to couples can lead to overcoming infertility and to safe pregnancy.
25 Sheena Lewis, an academic biologist, launched new diagnostic tests for male infertility in May; she says she is already getting inquiries from India and China.
26 WHO has organized additional support for laboratory diagnostic work, and this will be arriving within the next day or two.
27 Objective: to evaluate the applied value of procalcitonin (PCT) as a diagnostic marker of neonatal septicemia.
28 Engineer Chih-Ming Ho notes that the same principle could be applied to make saliva-based diagnostic tests for many diseases.
29 Many people who meet diagnostic criteria for substance abuse or binge drinking do not realize they have a problem because their friends all have similar drinking patterns.
30 What diagnostic data should I analyze?