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Dene in a sentence

1. He retained his house next to the Dene.

2. Arms of Dene of Newton St Petrock, Devon.

3. Dalden Tower, in nearby Dalden Dene.

4. Dene are spread through a wide region.

5. Sahtu Dene Council.

6. Most of the characters were Dene.

7. Dene Fur Clouds sign.

8. Beatrice de Dene was elected 1349.

9. Dene-Za Antoine (2006-2008);

10. Castle Eden Dene National Nature Reserve.

11. Dorothy Dene (1859 –

12. Several sports are played at Dene Magna.

13. The Dene Games is a yearly event;

14. Dene Gallery in Albuquerque, New Mexico;

15. one Cree, one Dene and one Metis.

16. His descents were Chipewyan and Dene.

17. Petronelle's master was named Dene.

18. The name means 'Want's dene or valley'.

19. Dorothy Dene, actress and model.

20. Dene or Denes may also refer to:

21. Bircle Dene Mill.

22. Owd Ned's Mill in Bircle Dene.

23. (Willington Dene Viaduct)

24. The Dene and Summerhouse, Central Park.

25. Dancers, and Yellowknife Dene Drummers.

26. (Buffalo River Dene Nation 193)

27. (Clearwater River Dene Band 221)

28. (Clearwater River Dene Band 222)

29. (Clearwater River Dene Band 223)

30. His first languages were Cree and Dene.