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1 Most notable of these is the National Democratic Force (NDF), led by former NLD members who saw these elections as a valuable opportunity, disagreed with the boycott and bolted.
2 It would wreck any prospect of a future coalition between the Greens and Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), an option she had hoped to keep open.
3 News surfaced this week that Harry Reid, the Democratic majority leader in the Senate, has scolded Max Baucus, head of the Senate Finance Committee, for trying too hard to woo Republican support.
4 And despite all the noisy wrangling between her and Barack Obama over whether to oblige individuals to buy health insurance, the Democratic contenders have pretty similar reform proposals.
5 And she is hobbled politically because her centre-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) is in a "grand coalition" with the centre-left Social Democratic Party (SPD).
6 More Americans need to know the story of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which were largely absolved of blame by the Democratic majority on the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.
7 Much of the recovery is thanks to swingeing spending cuts and tax hikes, often imposed at the behest of outsiders such as the IMF, and sometimes with scant regard for legality or democratic niceties.
8 But they also need to teach democratic capacities - including reason, debate and tolerance - so our children learn to think on their own.
9 of their woes was the leftish New Democratic Party (NDP), a perennial also-ran that soared from 36 seats to 102, and now finds itself as the official opposition.
10 But that does not prove that their voters cannot grasp the democratic idea, only that voters' choices can be uncongenial to the few who have power and are prepared neither to yield nor share it.
11 He cautioned, though, that "extremist forces" must not be allowed to "exploit democratic processes to gain power and to promote anti-democratic agendas, as happened in Iran and elsewhere".
12 She will discuss with them how we and our friends can help the Palestinian people end terror and build the institutions of a peaceful, independent, democratic state.
13 But we acknowledge it is a gamble. Given Mr Obama's inexperience, the lack of clarity about some of his beliefs and the prospect of a stridently Democratic Congress, voting for him is a risk.
14 the same token, red sweeps in states that are likely to lose seats, such as Ohio and Michigan, would allow the Republicans to ensure that the burden falls squarely on Democratic incumbents.
15 If Mr Obama had picked a less experienced man-tim Kaine, the governor of Virginia, another swing state, for example-they would be mocking the Democratic ticket as lightweight.
16 He called for pooled democratic sovereignty rather than "handing over real sovereignty to markets and speculators".
17 Contractors claim that the mayor and his brother, a senator who resigned this month from the Democratic Pole, have demanded kickbacks for public works. “Lies, lies, lies,” says the mayor.
18 Last week, suspecting that the end was near, he urged a change in Massachusetts law to allow a temporary successor to be appointed by the Democratic governor.
19 Mr Moussa defected to Britain two weeks ago, but was allowed to leave for Doha after he issued a statement calling for "democratic dialogue" to prevent Libya degenerating into another Somalia.
20 In order to accomplish the four modernizations, all our enterprises, without exception, must adopt democratic forms of management, combining them with centralized leadership.
21 He talked of beginning to leave Iraq, and rejected a "false" choice between safety and democratic ideals, referring to the torture and detention policies of the grey-haired Mr Bush sitting nearby.
22 People have been pushed off land in countries like Ethiopia, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia and Zambia.
23 In her memoir she reminisces about how the McGovern staffers would sometimes drive up to Austin for beers at Scholz Garten, a traditional Democratic hangout.
24 also shootings and gunmen reported elsewhere in ethnic-Albanian areas, including near the headquarters of the Democratic Union for Integration party.
25 But Republicans are still angry over the stimulus package, which they say was rammed through Congress by the White House and the Democratic majority in the legislature.
26 Yanagida became the first minister to step down since Kan reshuffled his Cabinet in mid-September shortly after winning reelection as Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) President.
27 Democratic candidate Barack Obama campaigned in Colorado and described the situation on Wall Street as the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.
28 Her government, which pairs her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) with the Free Democratic Party (FDP), has meandered since taking office in October.
29 ardent desire of Eastern European countries to gain entry to NATO and the European Union helped significantly in the early post-Cold War years to keep democratic and economic transitions on track.
30 Even after the Democratic triumph at last year's mid-term elections, only five out of 26 southern members of the United States Senate and 57 of 141 southern House members are Democrats.