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No. sentence
1 my Christmas cake is still sitting smugly in its tin - thanks altogether to jolly st Delia, who kindly pre-soaked my fruit, measured out the black treacle and even bagged up the flour.
2 Musole said he thought he could solve the mystery if he could interview members of the ABC team and Mark and Delia Owens.
3 The women decide to inform Delia and Philomena McNamara of their cousin's troubles.
4 At the lab's Molecular Foundry, Delia Milliron is developing a smart window that can change based on the weather with the help of nanocrystal technology.
5 FIFA spokeswoman Delia Fischer says she is excited about the news and wishes all babies all the best.
6 Mark and Delia had scoured the map of Africa, searching for a site so isolated that its wildlife would have no knowledge, and no fear, of humans.
7 I pulled up their drive, I saw Delia Owens emerging from a barn on the property.
8 Mark and I have the authority to order the scouts on patrol," Delia wrote.
9 He used the plane to make aerial surveys of the Kalahari's wildlife, and he and Delia conducted close observation of the social life of hyenas, learning about their surprisingly communal behavior.
10 I asked Delia about the accusations that her stepson had shot the man in North Luangwa.
11 Sometimes, let's be honest, with good reason: somebody should definitely have warned Delia that reaching for the frozen mashed potato and tinned mince, for instance, probably wouldn't end well.
12 In another letter, written that same month, the administrative director of the Owens Foundation, Mary Dykes, who is Delia Owens's sister-in-law, wrote, "ABC was looking for sensationalism."
13 When Mark and Delia Owens arrived in northern Zambia they visited Shiwa before establishing their camp in the park.
14 I can assure you in the strongest way possible that neither Mark nor Delia Owens nor any other North Luangwa Conservation Project staff were even in the area at the time of this shooting.
15 same thing happened to Mark and Delia," he added. "Their style was different: better planned, methodical and strategic."
16 Delia wrote that she told Mark, "I'm not sure this is worth dying for anymore."
17 They all loved Chris,” Delia said.They would run footraces, she said, in what she described as “mini-Olympics.
18 I asked Delia if her husband was available to speak to me.
19 Delia meets me at the workshop, her face pale with worry.
20 is no accident that by the time Delia Bacon entered the field, Shakespeare had become almost a god in the public imagination.
21 Delia Owens says, "I kept saying to Mark, 'If you die, then we're going to lose everything."
22 Mary Dykes said.“Mark and Delia faced the same problems up there they faced in Africa.
23 As Mark and Delia grew close again, they began collaborating on “The Eye of the Elephant.”
24 In an April, 1996, letter to donors, Mark and Delia wrote, "we know that a few of you are concerned about some of the footage from that program, and we want to ease your minds."
25 The super cute (and waterproof!) window shade is from Delia Shades.
26 In the early nineteen-seventies, Mark and Delia Owens, two graduate students in biology at the University of Georgia, were seized by the idea of resettling in remotest Africa.
27 While at college, Delia wrote a novel.
28 This was the house he had purchased for his wife, Delia del Carril (nicknamed La Hormiguita, the Little Ant).
29 She supped the hot tea Delia had brought her.
30 Delia came home with a box of the most delicious patisserie.