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No. sentence
1 He kicked at the decision.
2 She seemed to disagree with this decision.
3 An obvious limitation of this approach is that for each new error handling process a new decision branch must be created.
4 He declined to comment further on the date of any decision.
5 In the next section, we will see how to translate this design decision into real, working code.
6 Al decided he had to be there for his family during his son's long, hard recovery, a decision I understood and admired.
7 Once you have made the decision of the type of funding your business requires, it is time for the research.
8 Decision makers on both sides appear to have concluded that their trade disputes can be managed without undermining the entire U.S.-China relationship.
9 More than that, she had authority, she was asked for her advice when there were problems, and if she intervened in an argument, her decision was accepted.
10 Line 14 defines the decision variables, a five-element array on the PROD set.
11 They themselves made the decision.
12 such) hasty decision should be made by us.
13 Telling your boss it's a really bad time for you and you want to do it next year is reasonable - as long as you make your decision, present it clearly and stop whining about life not being fair.
14 Regardless of your partitioning decision, make sure you follow the "Creating a disklabel" section step by step, with the only deviation being to create larger /usr and /home partitions, if you desire.
15 If the message contains user maintainable data folders in the headers like MQRFH2 usr folder then its best recommended to store the decision making routing elements in it.
16 The 27-year-old billionaire said his decision to kill his own meat was part of a "personal challenge" he had set himself to appreciate food more and understand where it comes from.
17 As a couple you must make the conscious decision to work through your problems.
18 Three of the justices dissented from the majority decision.
19 Whatever decision the President makes, it will bounce back on the future of the country.
20 Testing these requirements as stated could not return a precise "pass" or "fail" because each complex statement would require a decision table.
21 an appreciation of this situation, and as stated, previously the acceptance for a Company to supply, rests with the commercial decision of the individual Customer.
22 Respect their views and boundaries and do not veer off regardless of their final decision.
23 Some election lawyers said that the decision, if upheld, could lead to the collapse of all legal limits on campaign donations, whether from corporations or individuals.
24 The first decision that had to be made was whether the exsiting penal law could be satisfactorily patched up.
25 That man lacks decision.
26 Everything hinges on the final decision.
27 She deliberated her decision for several days.
28 I cannot but agree to your decision.
29 The final decision rests with the general manager.
30 He revoked his previous decision.