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David Rubin in a sentence

1. Casting director David Rubin was elected President of the Academy in August, 2019.

2. Fildraw (former owner Eddie Davies' trust fund) appointed administrators from insolvency firm David Rubin and Partners.

3. and David Rubin, professor and former dean, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University.

4. As the late scholar and translator of Pant, David Rubin, writes, "In the early forties the new psychological and experimental "schools" were emerging.

5. In late October 2004, Argonaut Games called in receivers David Rubin &

6. A student of Joshu Roshi, Giko David Rubin, raised concerns about Roshi's sexual conduct to Joshu Roshi himself as well as his inner circle.

7. According to the late scholar and translator of Devkota, David Rubin, Shakuntala is among his greatest accomplishments.

8. David Rubin &

9. Following further legal action by Belokon to obtain payment from Oyston, on 13 February 2019 High Court appointed receiver Paul Cooper, of David Rubin &

10. Casting director, David Rubin, introduced an open casting call to cast unknowns in Atlanta, New York City, and Chicago.

11. Mary-Louise Parker was casting director David Rubin's first choice for the role of Ruth Jamison.

12. Marwala was a co-inventor of the innovative methods of radiation imaging and with Megan Jill Russell as well as David Rubin the artificial larynx.

13. Her most well-known novel is Havan (1989), which was translated into English by David Rubin and published by Heinemann International under the title The Fire Sacrifice in 1993.

14. He was succeeded by casting director David Rubin in August 2019.

15. The Commonground was designed by Philadelphia-based landscape architecture and urban design firm David Rubin Land Collective, with The Olin Studio and Diller Scofidio + Renfro.

16. In 1999, Electronic Musician's David Rubin wrote that the "SureThing label applicator is arguably the weakest part of the package.

17. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President David Rubin;

18. Simon represented David Rubin, president and chief executive officer of CDR Financial Products Inc., a Beverly Hills financial services company.

19. They also found support for the three components of autobiographical memory, as modeled by David Rubin and colleagues.

20. They made the transfer to cattle in the 1970s with David Rubin as manager.

21. The name and visual branding was purchased from the company liquidator David Rubin by college friends Sinclair Beecham and Julian Metcalfe.

22. Her agent at that time was David Rubin.

23. It was first translated in 1988 as The Second Wife by David Rubin, and in 1999 as Nirmala by Alok Rai, Premchand's grandson.

24. She hired former Pinterest executive David Rubin to be The Times' head of brand.

25. Asher Miller and Henry Lan of David Rubin &

26. Born Larry David Rubin, he completed his studies through high school at the American School before obtaining a degree in business administration at Anahuac University.

27. In 2019, agents Roy Ashton, David Rubin, and Shan Roy came under fire after cancelling a studio meeting of a former client that had left them during the WGA/ATA conflict.

28. Aaron David Rubin (born June 30, 1976) is an American linguistics researcher.

29. David Rubin may refer to:

30. Fildraw (former owner Eddie Davies' trust fund) appointed administrators from insolvency firm David Rubin and Partners.