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No. sentence
1 The next morning it was clear that Daniel had a hangover but as he grinned up at me from his prone position on the couch there was no awkwardness or regret between us.
2 spellbinding summation Daniel Webster delivered at the trial was printed as part of an anthology of speeches later that year and sold to an admiring public.
3 About a decade ago, Daniel says, some of her clients began complaining about digestive problems, thyroid problems, and allergies they hadn't had before.
4 Daniel is now engrossed in watching video clips of a red toy train on a circular track.
5 Daniel: Well, you can help out all my carrots.
6 Daniel: Well, actually, I don't mind eating carrots, but chocolate cakes are much better.
7 Daniel: Have you seen my spoon, Mom!
8 Daniel: I know, but chocolate cake is even better.
9 Daniel spake and said, I saw in my vision by night, and, behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea.
10 I missed Daniel when he went to university, but went to stay with him every three months or so.
11 Daniel: What do they sell there?
12 Discuss: Who do you side with, Puttar or Potter or Daniel Stern?
13 Daniel: What should I do?
14 Daniel: Well, I admit.
15 Daniel, what do you say?
16 Daniel: What makes you think that?
17 Daniel: I will choose what I like.
18 Daniel: No, firstly, I am superman.
19 Daniel: What is he like?
20 Daniel: You should go to talk with May.
21 Daniel has a unique place in my affections, as I do with him, and that will never change.
22 Daniel: no, no, Dad. Please. This program is on only once a week.
23 Daniel: I am not like you. I am like mother, and I am a smart superman.
24 Daniel: I like Ronaldo the most.
25 Daniel: We learnt about vegetables and meat at school. But I never see the real thing.
26 Daniel: Mom, where are you going?
27 Isaac and Daniel joked about this throughout the trip.
28 Daniel: That is good for our study too.
29 Daniel: Look, is that Tom?
30 Daniel: Why do they serve up the noodles first?